5 Reasons Why You Should Use Discord (Explained)

Are you looking for a way to stay connected with your friends and family? Discord is a great option! It’s an app that allows you to easily join and create group chats, voice calls, and video conferences. Here are five reasons why you should use Discord to stay in touch: it’s free, it has great features, it’s secure, it’s easy to use, and it can be used on multiple platforms. Keep reading to learn more about why Discord is the perfect app for staying connected!

Free To Use

Discord is an amazing communication platform that offers a variety of features for free. It’s super easy to use and you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or fees. With Discord, you can easily chat with friends, family, and coworkers without worrying about long-distance charges or expensive international calls. You can also make group chats with up to 10 people at once, making it perfect for organizing large events.

Aside from its free features, Discord is extremely secure and private. All data is encrypted end-to-end so no one can access your conversations unless you give them permission to do so. You can also set up two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security for your account. This makes sure that only you have access to your messages, keeping your conversations confidential and secure.

Discord also has a wide variety of tools that make it easier for you to stay connected with the people and communities you care about. You can create voice channels, text channels, share pictures, videos and more all in one place! Discord even has bots available which allow users to automate tasks such as moderating chats or creating custom commands. With these tools at your disposal, Discord is the perfect way to keep in touch with friends and stay connected with the people around you.

Rich Features

Discord is a powerful communication platform that offers users rich features. Imagine having access to an entire suite of tools that allow you to communicate and collaborate with others in an efficient and effective manner. From voice and video chats, to text channels and file sharing, Discord has it all.

Discord’s voice chat allows users to connect with anyone they like in an intimate setting, or even create their own private servers for larger groups. The audio quality is also crystal clear, so you don’t have to worry about choppy or distorted audio. You can even use the push-to-talk feature for a more secure chat experience.

In addition to audio chat, Discord also has text channels where users can send messages, share files, and collaborate on projects in real time. Plus, Discord’s mobile app makes it easy to stay connected no matter where you are. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Discord makes sure you never miss a beat!

High Security

Discord offers a high level of security to protect its users from malicious activities. End-to-end encryption ensures that messages sent between two users can never be seen by anyone else, even Discord. This means that your data is secured, and you can trust the platform for exchanging private information. Furthermore, Discord has implemented advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication, requiring additional verification for logging into accounts from unknown devices or locations.

Discord also features an array of features that allow users to control who can view their account and access their data. For example, users can set up personal servers with customizable permissions and roles to determine who has access to what content. This allows administrators to keep unwanted people away from sensitive data while still allowing authorized personnel access to it. Additionally, Discord provides tools for blocking unwanted messages or contacts and reporting suspicious behavior.

Discord’s commitment to providing a secure environment is one of the reasons why it has become so popular among gamers and other online communities. By offering a safe platform for communication and collaboration, Discord enables users to connect and share information without fear of intrusion or exploitation.

Intuitive Interface

Discord’s intuitive interface makes communication easy and seamless. It features a clean, user-friendly design with several customization options. You can create different channels for different conversations to keep everything organized, or adjust your settings to receive notifications only when necessary. Additionally, the built-in search system allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to use Discord; its drag-and-drop capabilities make it simple to upload images and files, while its markdown syntax enables you to format text quickly and easily. Whether you want to share a link or embed an image, it’s just a few clicks away. Plus, if you ever get stuck, the extensive help center is always available.

Discord has everything you need for quick and efficient communication. From voice chat in group calls or one-on-one conversations to text chats with emoji reactions and attachments, it provides all the tools necessary for effective collaboration. And with its powerful APIs and integrations, it can be easily integrated with other services like Slack or Zoom.

Cross-Platform Availability

Discord is a great tool to use because it is available on multiple platforms, making it convenient and accessible for users. It can be used on desktop devices such as Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as on mobile devices like Android and iOS. This allows users to access Discord from any device they own, no matter where they are. This cross-platform availability makes it easy for users to stay in touch with their friends and family, regardless of the type of device that they use.

In addition to its versatile platform support, Discord also provides features that can be accessed from all types of devices. Users can send messages, share images and videos, join voice chats and even play games all from the same app, no matter what platform they are using. This ensures that everyone is able to take advantage of the full range of features offered by Discord without having to switch between different apps or services depending on their device type.

Discord also offers a variety of customization options so users can personalize their experience according to their preferences. They can choose themes to match their favorite colors or set up custom emojis and avatars to make sure their profile stands out among others in the server. With these customization options available across all platforms, Discord allows users to create an experience tailored just for them no matter what device they are using at the time.

Customizable Settings

Building off of the cross-platform availability that Discord offers, it also has customizable settings to fit any user’s needs. There are several different options for users to personalize their experience with the platform. For example, users can create their own custom roles and assign them to certain members. Additionally, they can add custom emojis, set up a variety of voice channels and text channels, and even customize the user interface in terms of color and theme.

Discord also gives users the ability to control who can view or join certain channels. This is helpful for those looking to keep their conversations private or want to restrict access to certain channels. They can also control how much content is posted in each channel by setting a maximum message length or limiting how many messages per hour are allowed.

These customizable settings make Discord an excellent choice for businesses, communities and other groups who need a secure way of communicating with each other. With its robust features and easy-to-use interface, Discord ensures that all users have an enjoyable experience within the platform no matter what their needs may be.

Robust Community Support

From the moment you join a Discord server, you will find yourself instantly welcomed by the vibrant and warm community. You are never alone; there are always people there who are willing to help you out in any way they can. Whether you need assistance with something technical or just want to chat about your day, there is someone in the Discord community who will be more than happy to lend an ear.

Discord provides a safe space for gamers and other members of the community to come together and form meaningful connections. There is no need to worry about trolling, as it is strictly prohibited on most servers. This allows everyone to enjoy an experience free of harassment and bullying. On top of that, moderators are always available to ensure that conversations remain civil and appropriate.

Discord places great value on creating a supportive environment for its users. Every server has detailed rules which help keep order while also allowing members freedom of expression. The diverse range of topics covered in various servers means that no matter what your interests may be, there will always be someone willing to talk about it with you! It’s easy to make friends with like-minded individuals who share your passions and interests – all without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Streamlined Integration

Discord also provides streamlined integration with other platforms, making it a great choice for streamlining and simplifying communication. For example, you can easily connect your Discord account to Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and more. Additionally, you can use the feature of bots to automate simple tasks like posting messages, playing music or even moderating conversations. Here are just some of the benefits of using Discord’s streamlined integration:

  • Simplicity: With Discord’s streamlined integration, you can easily connect all of your accounts in one place and manage them from one dashboard. This makes it easy to keep track of conversations across multiple channels without having to switch back and forth between applications.
  • Automation: Bot automation is an extremely powerful tool that allows users to automate tasks such as posting messages or moderating conversations. This makes managing conversations easier and helps reduce manual labor for moderators.
  • Third Party Integrations: Discord offers integrations with many third party services such as Twitch and YouTube. This makes it easy for users to stay connected with their favorite content creators and follow their streams without having to leave the platform.

Discord provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools that make communication simpler and more efficient than ever before. From its streamlined integrations to its powerful bot automation capabilities, there are countless ways that Discord can help simplify online communication and collaboration.

Multi-Server Features

Discord’s multi-server features are highly beneficial for those who manage multiple servers. Not only can you manage multiple servers from a single dashboard, but you can also easily share resources between them. This makes it much easier to help all your users with their needs without having to log in and out of different servers.

The other great advantage of Discord’s multi-server features is that they allow server owners to create private channels for specific groups or members. This helps keep conversations organized and keeps out unwanted visitors. Furthermore, this feature allows admins to give special privileges to certain users, such as being able to view private channels or having access to certain commands.

Overall, Discord’s multi-server features make it an incredibly useful tool for managing multiple servers at once. With the ability to share resources, create private channels and assign user-specific privileges, server owners have the power to create a more efficient and secure environment for their users. By utilizing these features, server owners can be sure that their communities remain both organized and safe.

Flexible Connectivity Options

Discord is a great platform for connecting people together, and it offers flexible connectivity options. It allows users to connect through text, audio, or video chat. For those who are more into text chat, the platform provides a wide range of features that make it convenient:

  • Text Chat:
  • Message formatting options like bolding and italics
  • Emojis and custom emojis to add flavor to conversations
  • A search bar to quickly find messages
  • @mentioning to quickly call someone’s attention
  • Audio Chat:
  • High-quality audio with low latency for smooth conversations
  • Ability to mute oneself or other members in the channel
  • Push-to-talk feature for more secure conversations
  • Video Chat:
  • Screen sharing capabilities for better collaboration
  • HD video quality for a great experience

Discord also has moderation tools that allow users to moderate their servers accordingly. This includes the ability to delete messages and block users from the server if need be. With these features in place, Discord is an excellent tool for connecting with people around the world.


I’ve gone through the top 10 reasons why you should use Discord, and it’s clear that this is an incredibly powerful tool for communication. It’s free to use, has rich features, high security, and an intuitive interface. Plus, it’s available across platforms and has robust community support. You can easily integrate other services, manage multiple servers at once, and take advantage of flexible connectivity options. All in all, Discord is a great platform for any user who wants to stay connected with their peers in a secure and efficient manner.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to communicate with your friends or colleagues, I strongly recommend giving Discord a try.