How to Put a Cat to Sleep Temporarily?


A short nap will help them with their digestion. Usually, cats enjoy consuming meals with a large amount of animal-based protein, a short nap after mealtime will help them digest all the nutrients and ingredients slowly. Make sure you select the best food for your cat, so you’re sure they are getting the best nutrition and a well-balanced meal every time.

Temporary rest will support them in the recovery of a medical procedure. Sometimes, felines under treatment will suffer side effects such as vomiting, headache, or anxiety as a result of taking different medications. In this situation, a quick sleep will help them recover, reduce pain and mental disorder, or simply avoid anxiety.

How do I stop my cat from getting annoying?

I have a hangover that I have now for 3 years. It is a very sweet animal, a nice teddy bear actually. But he can also drive me crazy.

Every night it is the same song again, scratching at the bedroom door, meowing hard, just because he wants to be there in the bedroom. I had no problem with that, but when he is there, he will walk over your head and he will take over the whole bed. In short, the cat has the time of his life, and I don’t sleep.

So now he is no longer allowed (no more for 2 years anyway). Still, he keeps scratching at the door, no matter what I try I can’t get it out, stink spray that cats find dirty, locking in the living room … nothing helps.

In addition, he now also just sits on the counter, dining table, and coffee table. He knows he shouldn’t, but he doesn’t care, and he just sits looking at you, with a look of “what do you want to make me?”

I don’t want to hit my cat, and I don’t, but he takes the blood from under my nails.

That’s how a cat prefers to sleep

How many hours does a cat actually sleep on average and where do all those cat sleeps come from? Adequate rest is very important for your cat, but he does need suitable sleeping places for that. Nowhere can you make a cat happier, because he sleeps most of his life. In this article a little history of the cat and important tips: this is how your cat prefers to sleep!

Why does a cat sleep so much?

A cat spends about 16-20 hours a day asleep, although not all of them sleep deeply. Those are only brief periods within sleeping hours, behavior that descended from their original life as a predator. Then the animals still needed a lot of energy that had to be refueled regularly. Cats still do that now, provided they can find enough safe sleeping places in the house.

The higher the better

A cat prefers to lie at a higher point in the house. There he has a better overview as soon as he opens his eyes and feels less graspable. Therefore, at least one spot in the house should be nice and high, but accessible with a jump or a simple climb. Especially popular are solid sleeping places that do not move when the cat settles.

Favorite high berths are:

  • Shelf on the wall
  • Soft board on top of the scratching post
  • High in a cupboard or even on top of the cupboard

Cat does not sleep well due to noise

The TV that is on, music from the speakers or the noise from the (washing) machine … The sensitive ears of the cat hear much more than those of us humans. Even if they have been used to a sound for a long time, their brains still respond to it and do not switch off completely. Therefore, ensure that cat spots are far away from speakers and other sound sources.

Crawl away in a hole

It is part of the primal instinct of our house tigers to cradle to sleep, just like their ancestors. Only there do they feel safe from enemies. Your cat therefore likes to have a roof over the head and three protected sides. A hole in, for example, a pillow does not have to be large, as long as it is nice and dark and sheltered.

Provide warm sleeping spots

A cat sleeps best in a pleasantly warm place. Especially in the coldest time of the year, cats prefer to find a place near the heating, stove, or fireplace. Hang a basket on the heater or make a spot on the windowsill. Your cat will thank you.

Cuddly softly

Not for nothing, most cat baskets for sale are made of plush or faux fur. Cats simply like soft fabrics. Therefore, provide soft blankets and patches on your cat’s favorite lying places. You can also upgrade a regular box to a cat bed: fill it with leftover fabric or a soft blanket, and your cuddle castle is ready!

A cat prefers to sleep here

Close to his sweet owner, at the foot end or stretched out under the duvet: for many cats the bed is a true paradise. Here it is always warm, the duvet is a nice hole, the mattress is wonderfully soft and the scent of the two-legged bed-mate provides a safe and familiar feeling.

Is it okay to put a cat to sleep on the bed?

Whether it is good to let a pet sleep on your bed is up for debate. Positive is that it can strengthen the bond with your cat if you sleep together. Opponents, however, indicate that it can disturb your night’s sleep and that it may lead to behavioral problems because your animal may no longer accept your lead. After all, you are resting in the same place, so your cat may see you as its equal. The danger of fleas in bed can also be a reason for people not to let the house tiger sleep on the bed.

See what makes you feel comfortable and if your cat can sleep with you without this leading to parenting problems.