Top 10 CrowdStrike Competitors and Alternatives

CrowdStrike is one of the leading cybersecurity software solutions out there, providing a range of services to protect businesses and other organizations from cyberthreats. But while it’s popular, it isn’t the only security solution available – there are plenty of alternatives. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 competitors and alternatives to CrowdStrike. We’ll consider their features, pricing structures and more to help you decide which option is right for you. So let’s get started!


Symantec is a cyber security company that provides products and services for businesses and consumers. The company provides endpoint protection, encryption, identity and access management, deception technology, and cloud security solutions. Symantec also offers a range of managed security services to help customers protect their digital infrastructure from threats. Symantec’s products are designed to detect and defend against advanced threats such as malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. The company’s solutions are tailored to the individual needs of its customers and offer real-time protection against cyber threats. Symantec is one of the leading competitors of CrowdStrike in the cyber security market.

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is another popular alternative to CrowdStrike. This solution offers integrated threat prevention capabilities that enable organizations to quickly detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to known threats. The NGFW also features application control capabilities that allow users to identify suspicious traffic based on application characteristics such as source IP address or destination port number. It also includes an intrusion prevention system (IPS) which can detect malicious behavior by analyzing network traffic flows in real time. Moreover, the NGFW can be deployed in both physical appliances and virtual machines for maximum flexibility.

Kaspersky Lab is yet another competitor of CrowdStrike in the cyber security space. Kaspersky’s solutions provide comprehensive protection against malware and other online threats such as phishing attacks and ransomware. The company’s products are designed for home users as well as enterprises, offering both endpoint protection solutions as well as cloud-based services for protecting data stored on remote servers or networks. Kaspersky also offers a range of additional services including web filtering, data loss prevention, mobile device management (MDM), application control, patch management, email filtering, anti-spam protection, content filtering, network access control (NAC), forensic investigation capabilities, log analysis tools and much more. With these offerings combined with its award-winning customer service team, Kaspersky Lab has become one of the most trusted names in cyber security today – second only to CrowdStrike itself in terms of customer satisfaction ratings among enterprise IT teams across multiple verticals


Moving on from Symantec, FireEye is another top competitor of CrowdStrike. FireEye is an American cyber-security company offering both hardware and software to protect its clients’ networks. It has a suite of products that can detect threats early, block malicious activity, and respond to attacks quickly. It also offers cloud-based security services to help organizations defend themselves against advanced threats. FireEye’s products are designed to be used in the enterprise setting, making them ideal for businesses looking for comprehensive security solutions.

FireEye’s main advantages include its ability to provide real-time threat detection and response, as well as its comprehensive security solution that covers all aspects of network security. Its advanced threat intelligence also allows it to detect previously unknown threats before they cause damage. Additionally, FireEye’s analytics allow organizations to make informed decisions about their security posture and take action quickly when necessary.

All in all, FireEye provides a complete solution for its customers’ cyber-security needs. With its fast response times, comprehensive coverage, and advanced threat intelligence capabilities, it offers one of the best options available for protecting an organization from malicious activity. As such, it is an important competitor of CrowdStrike that businesses should consider when evaluating their cyber-security options.

Carbon Black

The looming presence of Carbon Black in the cybersecurity market is unmistakable. It casts a long shadow over its rivals and offers an array of powerful solutions to keep businesses secure. Its cloud-based endpoint protection platform is built to help organizations detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats at any scale. With its advanced analytics capabilities, it can recognize malicious processes across systems and stop them before they cause any damage. Built on machine learning and AI technology, Carbon Black provides a comprehensive set of tools for security teams to stay ahead of threats and protect their networks from malicious activity.

Carbon Black’s unique approach towards threat detection has made it one of the most trusted names in the industry. It offers deep visibility into every corner of their network, allowing organizations to understand their attack surface better than ever before. The platform also comes with integrated incident response capabilities which enable security teams to quickly contain threats and minimize damage done by attackers. With its open API architecture, it makes integration with existing security infrastructure seamless and easy.

From large enterprises to small startups, Carbon Black has become an essential part of many organizations’ defense strategies against cyber attacks. The robustness of its solutions ensures that businesses are well equipped to handle any kind of threat they may face in the digital world. In addition, its scalability allows companies to expand their security operations as needed without compromising on performance or reliability. Carbon Black stands out as one of the best crowdstrike competitors available in the market today.


McAfee, a subsidiary of Intel Security, is one of the main competitors to CrowdStrike. It is a comprehensive security suite that provides endpoint and network protection for organizations. McAfee offers advanced threat prevention with features like malware protection and intrusion prevention. Additionally, McAfee’s endpoint detection and response capabilities are designed to quickly detect malicious activity and respond effectively.

McAfee employs an array of techniques to detect threats, including signature-based detection, heuristic-based detection, cloud-based analysis, and machine learning algorithms. It also has integrated analytics capabilities that provide deep visibility into suspicious activities along with data loss prevention solutions to help organizations protect their sensitive data. Furthermore, its security management console enables organizations to manage their entire security posture from one centralized location.

Overall, McAfee is a powerful cybersecurity solution that provides comprehensive protection against advanced threats while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. It offers organizations the ability to monitor their environment in real time and respond quickly in the event of an attack. With its wide range of features and capabilities, McAfee is an excellent option for businesses looking for an effective way to keep their networks safe from cyberattacks.

Check Point

If you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution, Check Point may be just what you need. Their extensive suite of products and services helps to protect organizations from the most advanced cyber threats. With global markets in over 100 countries, Check Point provides customers with the highest levels of protection against cyber-attacks.

Check Point offers a variety of solutions that can be tailored to fit any organization’s needs. Whether it’s network security, endpoint protection, or cloud security, there’s something for everyone. The company also has top-notch support teams that are available around the clock to answer any questions and help troubleshoot any issues.

At Check Point, they understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity. Their commitment to innovation ensures that their customers are always protected and up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices. With their comprehensive suite of solutions and excellent customer service, Check Point is a great choice for anyone looking for an effective security solution.

Palo Alto Networks

When it comes to cybersecurity solutions, Palo Alto Networks is a major player. With its Next-Generation Security Platform, the company offers integrated cloud and on-premises security solutions that can help organizations prevent successful cyberattacks. Here are some of the features that make Palo Alto Networks a great alternative to CrowdStrike:

  1. A comprehensive set of security capabilities for all environments – from cloud to on-premise and hybrid – with advanced threat defense and response capabilities
  2. End-to-end visibility and control over users, applications, data, threats, and network activity
  3. Automated prevention and response capabilities to quickly detect, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats

Palo Alto Networks is built on an open architecture that allows it to integrate with other security solutions. It also provides seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure so organizations can easily implement the platform without interruption or disruption while ensuring maximum performance. The company’s customer service team is dedicated to providing customers with personalized support whenever they need it. All in all, Palo Alto Networks is a reliable alternative for those looking for top-tier cybersecurity solutions from a trusted provider.


Secure networks are essential to a business’s success. With cyberattacks on the rise, it is important to find a security solution that can protect your data and keep your network safe. Webroot is one of the top alternatives to CrowdStrike and provides an advanced level of protection against malicious threats.

Webroot offers next-generation endpoint protection with multiple layers of defense. It features machine learning capabilities, behavioral analysis, cloud-based threat intelligence, and real-time signature updates for maximum protection against viruses, malware, ransomware, and other malicious threats. The table below compares some key features of Webroot to CrowdStrike:

Feature Webroot CrowdStrike
Endpoint Protection Yes Yes
Machine Learning Capabilities Yes No
Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence Yes Yes
Real-Time Signature Updates Yes No

Webroot also provides specialized solutions for different industries such as healthcare, education, finance, retail, and more. It offers a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to each industry’s needs so businesses can protect their networks from targeted attacks. Additionally, its cloud-based architecture allows for fast deployment and easy scalability when needed.

Overall, Webroot provides an advanced level of protection against malicious threats with customized solutions for different industries. It is an excellent alternative to CrowdStrike if you are looking for a reliable security solution for your business or organization.

Trend Micro

Having discussed Webroot as a potential provider of online security solutions, we now turn our attention to Trend Micro. A leader in the field, Trend Micro has been providing IT security services since 1988. It offers a range of products and services including:

  • Endpoint Security – protecting against threats to mobile devices and PCs.
  • Network Security – Protection from malicious websites, email scams, and other online threats.
  • Data Center Security – Protecting data stored in the cloud or on premises.
  • Cloud Security – Protecting cloud infrastructure such as public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Trend Micro boasts an impressive list of customers that includes many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world. Its endpoint security solutions have been recognized by industry experts for their effectiveness at blocking known and unknown malware threats. In addition to its award-winning endpoint protection platform, Trend Micro also provides network security services that protect organizations from a variety of malicious actors, including phishing attacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, ransomware attacks, and more. Moreover, its data center security solutions provide organizations with the ability to securely store sensitive information in the cloud or on premises without sacrificing performance or scalability. Finally, its cloud security solutions help protect organizations from data breaches and unauthorized access while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Trend Micro is an excellent choice for organizations looking for comprehensive online security solutions that are easy to manage and cost effective. Its impressive array of products is backed by robust customer service options which include free technical support and 24/7 live chat support for customers facing urgent issues.


Kaspersky is a well-known name in the cybersecurity industry, and it has been around for many years. It’s no surprise that Kaspersky is one of the top 10 crowdstrike competitors and alternatives. Kaspersky provides a wide array of features, including malware detection, network monitoring, and data loss prevention.

The following table compares some of the key features between Kaspersky and CrowdStrike:

Feature Kaspersky CrowdStrike
Malware detection
Network monitoring
Data loss prevention
Cloud-based deployment

As you can see from the table, both Kaspersky and CrowdStrike offer malware detection, network monitoring, and data loss prevention. However, while CrowdStrike offers cloud-based deployment, Kaspersky does not. Ultimately, each product offers its own unique set of features so customers should take the time to research which product best meets their needs.

With its decades-long presence in the security industry, Kaspersky has earned an international reputation for providing reliable protection against cyber threats. The company’s products are easy to use and have a wide range of features that make them suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for basic protection or advanced security solutions, Kaspersky offers something for everyone.


Sophos is another top competitor of CrowdStrike, offering antivirus and endpoint security solutions. They are a well-established company with over 30 years of experience in the field and a full suite of products that provide comprehensive protection from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Sophos offers both on-premise and cloud-based options to fit any organizations needs and budget. Their solutions are designed to be easy to use, manage, and deploy, allowing IT departments to focus on more strategic tasks instead of worrying about security.

Sophos also provides advanced features such as artificial intelligence-based threat detection and behavior monitoring to identify suspicious activity in real time. They offer advanced encryption protocols for data transmission to ensure a secure connection between users and their servers. Additionally, their solutions can be integrated with other third-party applications for added flexibility and protection.

Overall, Sophos is an excellent option for businesses looking for an effective security solution that can protect them from cyber threats without sacrificing performance or usability. Their combination of features make it ideal for organizations of all sizes who need robust security solutions but don’t have the resources or expertise to maintain them in-house.


In conclusion, there are plenty of alternatives to Crowdstrike for businesses looking for cybersecurity solutions. Symantec, FireEye, Carbon Black, McAfee, Check Point, Webroot, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, and Sophos all provide viable options. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each provider to make sure you’re getting the best security product available. I hope this list of top 10 Crowdstrike competitors and alternatives has been helpful in making an informed decision about which platform is right for you.