What Happened To 180 Cup After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)


One thing that you would have your eyes on around at all house parties is probably a Red Disposable cup regardless of where you are, a Barbeque night or a house party.

We have all utilized and preferred the red disposable cup for our parties at home. According to some estimations, approximately 2 billion red disposable cups are used during home parties throughout the globe.

What exactly is this cup? What is the reason for its popularity, and who is its founder?

Individuals are familiar with the throwaway cup and the 180 Cup, a revolutionary one-used cup that is utilized at parties by all people regardless of their ages at home.

This item may seem expensive, but you may be shocked to learn that 180 Cup is reasonable and budget-friendly for your home gatherings.

You can fill up to 180 cups with any beverage, which is why it is known as the “true party cup.” The most incredible thing about the product is that you don’t need separate cups for tequila or beers since one cup can handle both.

With its versatility and durability, the 180 Cup is a wonderful addition to making your friend reunions and home parties more enjoyable.

Even if you press, hit, or shatter it, the liquid within 180 Cup will remain steady. It may be surprising to know that the 180 Cup can also be utilized as a stationary holder.

Also, if you’re not drinking on BBQ evenings, the 180 cup is ideal for carrying ketchup or BBQ sauce. So, even if your friends do not love drinking alcohol, 180 Cup may be an excellent companion.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name 180 Cup
Episode          Season 5 Episode 7
Product Offering       A 2-in-1 plastic cup that can be used together with shot glass
Founded 2013
Founder Solomon Fallas
Required Investment $300,000 in exchange for a 15% stake
Closing Deal $300,000 in return with 25% ownership
Offered Sharks          Daymond John
Current Business Status Out of Business

What is 180 Cup?

The 180 Cup is a one-in-a-million type and enjoyable disposable cup that ensures your barbeque nights and the home party is special.

The 180 Cup is a basic single-use cup that you have probably seen at various private and professional functions. The 180 cup, in contrast, is just a little larger than the typical party cup.

How Does 180 Cup Work?

The 180 Cup is suitable for both beer and strong drinks. So, it’s called the “2-in-1 cup.”

The incredible 180 Cup, also known as “The New Red Cup,” was created by Solomon and has since been the most wanted item for all house parties throughout the nation.

Since their introduction, traditional drinking vessels such as beer mugs and wine glasses have been phased out in favor of 180 cups.

Who Founded The 180 Cup? Founder Backgrounds

The creator of the famous 180 Cup is called Solomon Fallas. Due to a shortage of standardized glasses, he needed to wait for a longer period of time which he found annoying. Thus, he came up with the concept for the 180 Cup.

Solomon, an entrepreneur, kept joining gatherings at the college keg, where he drinks no less than a few shots. Thus, he came up with the concept for the 180 Cup.

Because it’s called 180 Cup, it takes the red keg cup that everyone knows and turns it almost upside down. In the beginning, the cup seems to be a typical red disposable cup with a “shot glass” embedded in its bottom.

You can probably drink a beer and enjoy a shot in one cup, but not simultaneously. This is perhaps what the idea is.

Solomon desires that 180 Cup become “The New Red Cup,” a fixture at frat and keg parties throughout the nation. He took a lot of time to make sure his invention didn’t get in the way of either flip cup or beer pong.

180 Cup Business Before Shark Tank

Before Solomon participated in Shark Tank, the brand was not well-known. The product failed to establish popularity and had few successful sales.

Solomon originally designed the 180 Cup to substitute the red cup for home parties and BBQ evenings.

Solomon failed to make the 180 Cup into retailers despite creating a unique world-class product.

Solomon’s techniques for promoting the 180 Cup were conventional, and the product received little momentum.

Solomon worked hard to develop his 180 Cup product with the most outstanding care. He is now looking to increase his exposure with a marketing effort and build his company by seeking Sharks Investment to make a long-lasting impact.

180 Cup During Shark Tank Pitch

180 Cup initiated a piece of a party house in episode 7, season 5 of Shark Tank. Solomon is on the lookout for a Shark to aid with distribution or negotiating a license contract.

Solomon begins the presentation by requesting $300,000 US dollars with a 15 percent ownership in his firm, totalled at 2 million US dollars.

“Who would like to have a shot with me?” was the question he asked after displaying the 180 Cup with some narrative explanation. He has been active in the previous six months, selling more than 5 million cups for a total income of $385,000.

The cup can be bought at over 500 stores. Solomon recruits college students to market to local merchants. He utilizes Craigslist with diverse media to find university pupils and pay them on a commission basis.

Solomon gives out the cups and talks to everyone that the price is exactly the same as a normal red cup.

Daymond makes an initial deal offering $300,000 with a 20% share in equity and anticipates an instantaneous response. He expects licensing breweries, sports organizations, and schools as a new business source.

Daymond threatens to revoke the offer when Solomon hesitates. Mr. Wonderful is eager to learn more. Moreover, Solomon’s waffles make Mark Cuban think that he is angry. Then, Lori also followed Daymond out the door.

Mark Cuban likes the concept of a college network, but Solomon has just a one percent market share. Lori doesn’t think it fits her. Thus, she leaves.

The product is far too specialist for Mark, who likes his marketing work. Moreover, JP DeJoria, another Shark, is also out because he lacks enthusiasm. Kevin also declines the deal.

Daymond scolds him for rejecting his proposal. However, Solomon attempts to encourage Daymond to reconsider. And, Daymond insists on a response.

During the pitch, Solomon says he wants 23 percent of the company for $300,000. Daymond says that he wants to buy 30 percent of the company. They agree to a 25 percent share in equity, and thus Solomon leaves with a deal.

180 Cup Closing Deal in Shark Tank

Solomon made an excellent presentation for the red cup, which has a twist that allows you to “shoot, flip, then drink it,” as he puts it. He was quick to describe the use in terms of birthday celebrations: Tailgate, sporting events, barbeque, and fries.

Solomon Fallas, the designer of the 180Cup product, presented his firm on Shark Tank back in November 2013. Solomon requested a $300,000 investment in exchange for 15% equity. Following the negotiations, they came to a mutual arrangement with Shark Daymond, who projected capital of $300,000 with a 25% ownership.

180 Cup After Shark Tank

Shark Daymond quickly revoked his first offer, yet it didn’t stop him from rejoining the battle and eventually securing the 180 Cup. Sales have risen like crazy since then.

180 Cup’s value was roughly $1.2 million during its debut on Shark Tank. Also, the products are now available at Walmart. Following the Shark Tank episodes, the company’s sales have surged to 4.9 million US dollars in revenue, with 15,000 retail locations and distribution in five countries around the world.

You may find the products at big retailers, for instance, Walmart. 180 Cups may be located anywhere university people are set to party. For these well-heeled partygoers, there will be no more thick shot glasses. Owing to the Shark Tank deal, they now have their comfortable 2-in-1 cups.

Solomon had grown his business several years later and parted ways with Daymond. The complete information is available in episode 202 of Beyond the Tank.

Current Update: Is 180 Cup Still In Business?

Following its debut on Shark Tank, 180 Cup got attention and grossed $5 million in sales. Solomon and Daymond John couldn’t reach a mutual agreement on Daymond John’s post-Shark Tank Show.

180 Cup rejected Daymond’s offer and his commercial plans for 180 Cup’s growth. 180 Cup was once available for purchase online at Lexhead.com, but it is no longer accessible.

Daymond decided to separate up with Solomon owing to several disputes over how the 180 Cup should be run and expanded. However, 180 Cup is still available through Walmart, Amazon, and other offline and online retailers.

The 180 Cup’s sales have stalled since there are other rivals in the competitive market. In addition, Solomon was unable to advertise the product adequately.

The business closed down in December 2016. And now he becomes as an account officer for Collective Soles, which sells socks and underwear.