What Happened To Beard King After Shark Tank?

Beard King was a company that appeared on Shark Tank back in 2023 and gained incredible success, but what happened to the company after their big break? This article will look into their journey and provide insight into what has become of Beard King since their time on the show. We’ll explore how the company has grown and evolved over the years, as well as what strategies they have implemented to ensure continued success. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at Beard King’s story!

Overview Of Beard King

Beard King is a company that sells innovative solutions for facial hair styling and grooming. The company was founded in 2013 by brothers Isaac and Joshua Knopf, who were inspired to create products after finding it difficult to style their own beards. After having success with the products, they decided to appear on Shark Tank in 2023.

On the show, they pitched the idea of Beard King’s ‘Bibs’ – an adjustable neck piece designed to catch pieces of facial hair while shaving. The Sharks responded positively and offered them $300,000 for 25% equity in their company. After heated negotiations, the brothers accepted a deal with Robert Herjavec for $300,000 for 30% equity in exchange for royalty payments on sales of current and future merchandise.

Since then, Beard King has gone on to become one of the top-selling facial hair care brands in the US. The company has expanded its product line to include beard oils, balms, shampoos and conditioners as well as additional accessories like scissors and combs. They have also partnered with several leading retailers including Target and Walmart across North America, allowing customers from all over the world access to their products at affordable prices.

Pre-Shark Tank History

Beard King was founded in 2013 by two friends, John Resig and Chris Stephan. Their vision was to create a product that made it easier to tame unruly facial hair. The pair quickly gained a devoted following of bearded men who appreciated the convenience of their product. As word spread, they began to receive orders from customers across the globe. The company’s success allowed them to expand their product line and open up new markets.

In 2021, Beard King earned its first major investment from an angel investor, which allowed them to take their business to the next level. They used this capital to expand their retail presence and fund additional product development efforts. Additionally, they increased their production capabilities in order to keep up with growing demand for their products.

By 2023, Beard King had secured a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank where they received an offer from Mark Cuban for $400K in exchange for twenty-five percent equity in the company. After careful consideration, Resig and Stephan decided not to accept the offer, but instead continued building their business independently. Since then, Beard King has continued its growth trajectory and is now one of the leading brands in the facial hair grooming industry.

The Big Break On Shark Tank

When Beard King made their debut on Shark Tank in 2023, the world was watching. In a single moment, the small business–founded by two entrepreneurs who had previously been turned away by investors–had the chance to make it big. The company had a simple mission: to revolutionize male grooming and make facial hair maintenance easier than ever before. Their pitch was met with excitement and enthusiasm from the sharks, and they successfully secured an investment of $300,000 from Kevin O’Leary.

It was a huge break for the company, and they were soon able to take their product to market. The response from customers was overwhelming; Beard King quickly became one of the most popular products in men’s grooming. This success led to increased coverage in major media outlets such as GQ and Esquire, further raising brand awareness and boosting sales even more.

The success of Beard King has been nothing short of extraordinary:

  • They have sold millions of units worldwide
  • Their products are now carried in stores across Europe, Asia, and North America
  • They have become one of the leading brands in male grooming
  • They continue to innovate with new products each year
    The story of Beard King is a true testament to what can happen when hard work meets opportunity. With their newfound fame and financial backing, this small business has grown into an international powerhouse that continues to improve men’s grooming routines around the world.

The Aftermath Of Appearing On Shark Tank

The aftermath of appearing on Shark Tank was a roller coaster ride for Beard King. After their appearance in 2023, the company experienced an influx of customers and press attention that could have only been dreamed of before. But with so much attention, came the pressure to deliver – something the business wasn’t quite ready for.

Pros Cons
Increased Visibility Unprepared for High Demand
More Customers Difficulty Meeting Expectations
Press Attention Struggled to Adapt Quickly

The team scrambled to catch up with skyrocketing demand, but it was too little too late. Without an efficient system in place to handle such a high volume of orders, they were unable to meet expectations and the business suffered as a result. Unfortunately, Beard King was never able to recover and eventually had to close its doors in 2030 after seven years in business. The experience taught them valuable lessons that they are now applying with their new venture – an online store selling stylish clothing and accessories for men.

Expanding The Product Line

Following their appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, Beard King experienced a huge surge of interest in their product. They quickly realized they needed to expand their product line to meet the increased demand. To do this, they opted to partner with a variety of celebrity endorsements and retail chains.

Beard King began collaborating with popular figures such as professional athletes, musicians, and actors. These partners helped to spread the word about their products and gave them access to wider audiences. Additionally, Beard King secured partnerships with major retailers like Walmart and Target, allowing them to get their products into even more people’s hands.

These initiatives helped Beard King experience tremendous growth over the following years. Thanks to these strategic collaborations, Beard King was able to generate an impressive amount of publicity for their brand and create a successful lifestyle company that continues to thrive today.

Global Brand Recognition

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Beard King experienced a surge in global brand recognition. They quickly became the go-to brand for beard care products from professionals to aspiring beardsmen around the world. Their signature product, the Beard Bib, quickly gained traction and their sales skyrocketed. This newfound fame allowed them to expand their product line beyond just beard care into other grooming markets, such as hair styling and skincare.

Beard King also began to collaborate with prominent industry figures, such as barbers and celebrities, to further advance their reach. With each new release or endorsement came a wave of attention that helped propel the company further forward. This combination of products, partnerships and marketing pushed Beard King to become one of the top brands in men’s grooming worldwide.

Today, Beard King remains a leader in men’s grooming products. They continue to innovate and develop new products that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Through their commitment to quality and customer service, they have become an indispensible part of any man’s daily grooming routine.

Developing A Loyal Customer Base

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Beard King continued to develop a loyal customer base. They invested heavily in marketing and advertising campaigns, reaching out to men all over the world. Their focus was on creating an engaging and positive customer experience, as well as providing products that were reliable and of high quality. As a result, more and more people began to recognize the brand and become loyal customers.

Beard King also took advantage of their newfound success by expanding their product range. They introduced new grooming kits, tools and accessories for men who wanted to look their best. At the same time, they worked hard to maintain their reputation for delivering excellent customer service with quick delivery times. This combination of quality products and great service helped them strengthen their bond with existing customers while also attracting new ones.

By continuing to invest in marketing campaigns, product development, and customer service initiatives, Beard King was able to build a strong following among men who valued having the latest products available at competitive prices. Their efforts paid off as they were able to achieve continued growth in sales year after year.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Beard King’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2023 was a major success, and their innovative product proved to be popular. After the show, the company focused on building a loyal customer base by providing excellent customer service and creating products that satisfied their customers’ needs. This focus paid off as Beard King gained an impressive following of loyal customers, who provided word-of-mouth advertising for the brand.

The next step for Beard King was to explore innovative marketing strategies to reach potential customers who weren’t familiar with their brand. They started by developing engaging digital content, such as videos, podcasts, and webinars, which were geared towards potential customers who were interested in learning more about the company and its products. Additionally, they invested heavily in social media marketing campaigns that allowed them to reach new audiences and gain followers quickly.

Finally, Beard King also started collaborating with celebrities and influencers to help promote their products among their fans. These collaborations not only increased awareness of the brand but also helped draw attention to specific products within the line-up and created positive press coverage for the company overall. With these creative strategies in place, Beard King was able to successfully continue growing its customer base while maintaining its reputation as a quality beard care provider.

Financial Growth And Investment

Beard King was on an incredible journey after their appearance on Shark Tank in 2023. It seemed as if nothing could stop them from achieving success. The company had seen tremendous financial growth through investments and partnerships, setting the stage for a bright future.

With increasing demand for their products and services, Beard King’s sales soared to unprecedented heights. Their customer base expanded rapidly, with customers coming from all over the world to purchase their innovative beard care solutions. With each month, Beard King’s profits grew exponentially, allowing them to invest more into research and development of new products.

The investment into Beard King paid off greatly for those involved, as the company achieved massive successes in a relatively short period of time. With distribution deals in place with major retailers and a strong presence in the online marketplace, Beard King has established itself as a leader in the beard care industry. Clearly, this was only the beginning of an incredible success story that is still unfolding today.

The Future Of Beard King

After being presented with a lucrative investment offer on Shark Tank in 2023, Beard King has gone on to have remarkable success. They have been able to take the investments they received and turn them into even greater profits. With their increased resources, they have been able to expand their product line and reach more customers than ever before.

Beard King has also seen tremendous growth in their operations. They have improved their supply chain management, quality assurance processes, and overall customer service experience. As a result, they have achieved an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The future looks bright for Beard King as they continue to grow and innovate. With their new products, growing customer base, and strong operational structure, there is no limit to what this company can achieve in the coming years. As long as they are able to maintain the same level of excellence that has made them successful thus far, there is no doubt that Beard King will be a leader in the industry for many years to come.


In conclusion, Beard King has come a long way since appearing on Shark Tank. After gaining the support of the Sharks, they were able to expand their product line and develop a loyal customer base. Their innovative marketing strategies and financial growth have allowed them to invest in the business and really establish themselves as one of the top beard care companies in the industry. With continued expansion and increased investment, it’s no doubt that Beard King will be around for many years to come. I’m excited to see what they do next!