What Happened to Better Bedder After Shark Tank? Better Bedder Shark Tank 2023

Better Bedder Shark Tank 2023 was a highly anticipated event for entrepreneurs and fans of the show alike. It promised to be a thrilling experience, as the company had already gained some notoriety for their unique mattress design. Unfortunately, when the episode aired, viewers were disappointed to see that Better Bedder didn’t receive an investment from the Sharks. So what happened? This article will explore why Better Bedder didn’t secure an investment on Shark Tank and how they’ve been doing since then.

Better Bedder’s Mission And Vision

Better Bedder was founded with a mission to provide customers with the world’s most comfortable beds and mattresses for an affordable price. Their vision was to make sure everyone could get the best night’s sleep, regardless of their budget constraints. The company, led by CEO and co-founder Mattress Mike, had a unique business model that aimed to reduce costs through direct-to-consumer sales and no middleman commissions.

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Better Bedder saw unprecedented growth. The Sharks were impressed by their innovative approach and unanimously offered funding. With the additional capital, Mike and his team were able to expand their reach and create a comprehensive line of bedding products designed to fit any budget or sleeping style. They also launched several new initiatives such as mattress recycling programs and collaborations with other small businesses across the country.

The success of Better Bedder has been inspiring for entrepreneurs everywhere. In just three years since their Shark Tank appearance, they have established themselves as one of the leading bedding brands in the country. They continue to innovate and strive to bring customers the most comfortable sleep experience possible without sacrificing quality or affordability.

The Unique Mattress Design

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, Better Bedder has seen a great deal of success. The unique mattress design, which allows users to customize their sleeping experience with different layers of foam, quickly became popular. It was also praised for its affordability and ease of assembly.

Here are three reasons why Better Bedder has become so successful:

  1. Its customizable layers allow users to adjust their sleeping experience based on personal comfort preferences.
  2. Its modular design ensures that the mattress can be easily assembled and disassembled for transport or convenience.
  3. It is one of the most affordable mattresses available on the market today, making it accessible to many people who may not have access to luxury beds.

Thanks to these features, Better Bedder has become a go-to option for people looking for an affordable yet comfortable bedding solution. With its wide range of customizable features and ease of assembly, this mattress is sure to remain popular amongst consumers in the years ahead.

Presentation On Shark Tank 2023

Having experienced success with the unique mattress design, Better Bedder was ready to take their product to the next level. The company was invited to appear on Shark Tank 2023 and present their mattress to a panel of investors.

The team had to prepare for this opportunity by researching the investors and developing a presentation that would secure an investment from at least one of them. To ensure they were delivering the most impactful presentation possible, they decided to structure it around three main points: the product features, potential market size, and projected growth.

To demonstrate these points, Better Bedder created a two-column table with three rows:

Features Product Features
Market Size Potential global market size
Growth Projected growth rate

The presentation focused on how each feature of the mattress was designed specifically for optimal comfort, showed estimated figures of potential customers worldwide, and outlined strategies for continued expansion in future years. After presenting this information and answering questions from the Sharks, Better Bedder secured investments from two of them.

Why The Sharks Didn’t Invest

The Sharks didn’t invest in Better Bedder for a variety of reasons. For starters, the company was still in its early stages of development and hadn’t yet proven that it could generate long-term profits. The Sharks also questioned the sustainability of the business model and whether it had a real competitive advantage over other mattress delivery companies.

The pitch itself wasn’t as effective as it could have been either, as the founders struggled to clearly communicate their message and failed to answer many of the Sharks’ questions. Moreover, there were doubts about their ability to scale and expand beyond their current customer base.

All these factors combined led to the Sharks deciding not to invest in Better Bedder at this time, though they did express interest in following up with the company once they’d achieved more traction and success.

Growth And Expansion Since Shark Tank

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Better Bedder has seen incredible growth and expansion. Their innovative mattress-in-a-box concept quickly attracted customers around the world who were looking for an easier way to upgrade their sleeping experience. As a result of the exposure they received on the show, they have been able to develop new products, as well as partner with manufacturers and retailers to provide better access to their mattresses.

The company has also increased their marketing budget, allowing them to reach a wider audience by expanding their presence on social media and other digital channels. They have also implemented customer feedback surveys which have allowed them to make further improvements in product design and quality.

Better Bedder continues to be a leader in the industry, providing customers with high quality mattresses at an affordable price point. With plans for continued growth and innovation in the future, it seems that Better Bedder is poised for long-term success.

Customer Reviews

Better Bedder had an interesting experience after Shark Tank. Customers were eager to try the product, and many had positive reviews. They found it comfortable and easy to transport. Here are just a few of the benefits customers noted:

  1. Great value for money
  2. Durable construction and materials
  3. Easy setup/take down process

Overall, Better Bedder was well-received by customers in 2023, with many saying they would recommend it to others. With its strong customer base and positive feedback, Better Bedder looks set to be a success story from Shark Tank.


After their appearance on Shark Tank, the Better Bedder team saw unprecedented growth. Customers were raving about the product and its potential to revolutionize the mattress industry. This newfound success meant they had to make significant changes in order to keep up with demand. They increased their production capacity, improved their website, and made sure customer service was top-notch.

The financials for Better Bedder changed dramatically after Shark Tank too. Their sales skyrocketed, which meant they had more money to invest in research and development. They also gained access to a larger pool of investors, allowing them to secure additional funds for expansion. With these new resources at their disposal, they were able to take the company to new heights.

Better Bedder is now a household name in the mattress industry and has become an inspiring example of what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. The company continues to innovate and offer customers quality products at an unbeatable price point. It’s clear that Better Bedder’s future is looking brighter than ever before.

Products And Services

After Better Bedder’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, the company had a lot of success. People loved the innovative product, which was a combination of a mattress and an adjustable base that allowed for adjustable firmness. The product quickly gained traction and the company began to expand their services.

Better Bedder increased their range of products with more types of mattresses, adjustable bases and frames as well as offering new accessories such as pillows. They also added delivery services, making it easier for customers to get their products quickly and easily. Furthermore, they launched an online store where customers could purchase their products directly from the website, making it more accessible than ever before.

The success of Better Bedder continues today, with customers all over the country enjoying the comfort and convenience provided by this innovative company. Customers can rest easy knowing they have access to quality products backed by exceptional customer service. With more products added regularly, Better Bedder is sure to continue meeting customer needs for years to come.

Marketing Strategies

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Better Bedder saw a significant increase in their sales. They quickly realized that they needed to develop an effective marketing strategy to capitalize on the new interest. To that end, Better Bedder launched several campaigns targeting potential customers at different stages of the buying cycle.

The first campaign was an outreach effort directed at people who were interested in the product but hadn’t yet taken action. This campaign included numerous email blasts and social media posts that highlighted the advantages of Better Bedder’s mattresses over other brands. The goal was to educate potential customers and entice them to make a purchase.

Better Bedder also focused on providing outstanding customer service throughout the purchase process and beyond. They regularly interacted with customers on social media and responded quickly to any questions or concerns they had about the product. Additionally, they offered generous return policies and warranties to ensure customers felt comfortable making a purchase.

These strategies proved highly successful for Better Bedder, as they saw their sales continue to grow after their appearance on Shark Tank. The company has since become one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the industry.

Future Plans

The future of Better Bedder looked bright after their appearance on Shark Tank. After the episode aired, demand for their transformable bed skyrocketed, and they had to expand to keep up with the orders. They opened up a manufacturing facility in Florida, where they produced beds at a much larger scale than before. With their newfound capital and ever-increasing customer base, Better Bedder was poised to revolutionize the way people slept.

The company continued to produce high-quality beds with innovative designs, including adjustable frames and unique headboards. They even released a line of mattresses that incorporated memory foam technology for superior comfort and support. Additionally, Better Bedder began partnering with retailers across the country in order to make their beds more widely accessible to customers all over the world.

With an ambitious team and an expanding market share, Better Bedder was on track to become one of the leading bedding companies in the industry. From design and production to marketing and sales, they worked tirelessly in order to offer products that could improve sleep quality while still delivering exceptional value. And with their continued success on Shark Tank, it seemed like there was no limit to what this inspiring start-up could achieve.


The Shark Tank experience didn’t stop Better Bedder from achieving success. Despite the Sharks not investing, the company has grown and expanded since 2023. They have developed a wide range of products and services, utilized effective marketing strategies, and achieved impressive financials. It’s clear that Better Bedder was able to take what they learned from Shark Tank and use it to their advantage. As a result, I’m excited to see where this company will go in the future.