What Happened To EZ VIP After Shark Tank? EZ VIP Shark Tank Update 2022

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

Alashe Nelson introduces his firm, EZ VIP, by joining the Shark Tank in episode 310 with the hopes of gaining some exclusive club street credits from the Sharks.

Customers are allowed to buy admission to a diversity of the world’s most interesting nightclubs by just simply paying for a hefty “guaranteed bottle”. Moreover, customers can do pre-purchasing liquor to acquire a seat at a premium club.

You may wonder about the cost each customer will need to prepare for spending to obtain a seat at Miami’s must-see clubs? According to reports, the prices may reach $2,00; therefore, EZ VIP attracts Shark-level consumers, catering to a certain niche market.

Will the sharks pounce on this get-together, or will they opt out?

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name EZ VIP
Website / Social Media         https://www.facebook.com/EzVip
Episode          Season 3 Episode 1
Product Offering       Offers VIP service booking that accepts reservations in advance
Founded 2001
Founder Alashe Nelson
Required Investment $150,000 for 15% equity
Closing Deal $150,000 for 30% equity
Offered Sharks          Daymond John and Mark Cuban
Current Business Status Out of Business

What is EZ VIP?

EZ VIP offers a wide range of services, such as high-end clubs, venues, and events. Users might get early access to nightclub events and preferential treatment.

Any requests or demands for customer support may be available for 24/7 assistance.

EZ VIP allows you to quickly and conveniently book reservations for the club or other occasional events.

How Does EZ VIP Work?

EZ VIP is a simple reservation system that can be used for booking any nightclub for specific events.

Visitors may browse the city’s most popular events and make a reservation at their chosen club using the website.

A variety of the globe’s most exclusive nightclubs may be purchased for a “guaranteed bottle” payment and pre-ordered alcohol on the organization’s website.

In addition to providing entry to specific nightclubs, event tickets, and bottle service, EZ VIP also allows you to reserve the exact table you wish. They provide round-the-clock service to meet the demands of our clients.

On top of that, EZ Vip provides event representatives who will personally help you in accessing the venue. All of them are high-end establishments.

EZ VIP eliminates the anxiety of getting turned away from a club’s entrance by waiting in line.

At EZ VIP, you could buy tickets to some of Miami’s best high-end clubs and have a bottle service person bring you what you wanted, all without having any trouble.

Who Founded EZ VIP? Founder Backgrounds

EZ VIP was founded and is run by Alashe Nelson. He is the child of Queen Joyce Clarence, the Queen Joyce Housewives Club’s founder.

The club was started in 1975 and has since expanded to include thousands of members. When he was 13, his mother founded “Concierge with a Smile,” and he began his concierge career.

Alashe had always wished to be the successor of his mother. Regardless, after witnessing her succeed without him, he decided to start his own company so that he could demonstrate himself without being reliant on his mother’s business.

Unfortunately, his goal was to help high society folks in securing reservations to prominent, hot clubs. His goal was to make it simpler for members of the upper echelons of society to get into some of the most sought-after nightclubs in the city.

With the help of club owners in Miami, Alashe quickly spread his VIP service to Miami and wants to spread it to Las Vegas.

Alashe contacted Shark Tank investors looking for a partner that might help EZ VIP grow in awareness and value.

EZ VIP Business Before Shark Tank

Alashe Nelson experienced the ultimate societal rejection throughout his adolescence.

He was rejected down at the entrance of a club, tarnishing his reputation and jeopardizing his relationship with the lady on his arm.

From that day on, he came up with a plan to make sure this didn’t happen to anyone, even him.

After a few years, this idea evolved into EZ VIP, which is a reservation system for nightclubs that ensures a table with no concerns asked. Alashe entered the Miami club scene, where he lived, and started collaborating with local proprietors.

Alashe joined the show after reaching critical mass and planning to expand to Las Vegas. He was seeking a tactical business partner that is able to help him increase the value and exposure of his brand.

EZ VIP During Shark Tank Pitch

Alashe walked to the front of the Sharks, flanked by a beautiful lady, intent on recreating the night of his ultimate humiliation.

His request to the sharks was $150,000 for 15% of his firm, which was worth a million dollars. The aggravation of standing in line and maybe getting turned away from the top clubs prompted him to start his own firm.

He tells the Sharks about a situation in which they invite customers and friends to a huge clubbing event but could not acquire a seat. As an alternative, he offers EZ VIP, which is a website that enables people to see and book their spots at the greatest events in their city.

It includes the services of an “EZ VIP representative,” who will greet the customers at the club and accompany them inside the club. Daymond John seems to be interested in the VIP representative, but Kevin O’Leary is more interested in sales.

Alashe says that the firm has made over 70,000 dollars in Miami alone. Moreover, the total sales are over 250,000 dollars. The figures are “amazing,” according to Robert Herjavec.

Alashe reassures Daymond that there are only a few tables available at any one moment. The venue owner benefits from early sales, which means assured revenue flow.

A life “that I cannot even connect to” is how Barbara describes her own thoughts. She is disinterested in the nightlife scene and has decided to leave.

Kevin admires Alashe’s “initiative,” but, like Corcoran, he isn’t interested in the club lifestyle. He’s gone.

Mark is fascinated by the business strategy, but he does not feel he can contribute to the company’s success. He also left the deal.

Robert “likes the concept,” although he “doesn’t really go to nightclubs.” As long as Alashe can persuade Daymond to participate in the agreement, he is prepared to contribute $75,000 toward the total investment of $150,000.

However, Daymond is only ready to accept a 45 percent share in the arrangement with Robert. Alashe is unwilling to give up such a substantial portion of his equity. He responds with a figure of 18%. Daymond promises to sweeten the bargain by including a celebrity endorsement.

Mark proposes to join with Daymond but refuses to include Robert in the agreement. Daymond is prepared to abandon Robert and join forces with Mark.

Then, Mr. Wonderful comes up with a proposition offering $150,000 for a 25% stake. Robert proposes to get into business with Kevin. They think they can find a comparable artist.

Daymond sweetens the sale by negotiating a 30% discount on the $150,000. Kevin moves up, reducing his percentage requirement to 20%.

Barbara speaks up, informing Alashe, “Those who like their work earn the greatest money.” “Who do you think you’ll have the best moments with?”

By highlighting Daymond’s expertise in branding, Alashe accepts the offer from Daymond and Mark.

EZ VIP Closing Deal in Shark Tank

A contract was signed and money was exchanged, and the transaction with Alashe Nelson was successfully completed. Mark Cuban and Daymond John have entered the V.I.P. Entertainment Business, each with a $150,000 anticipated capital and a 30% ownership investment.

EZ VIP After Shark Tank

The company’s initial estimates were $250,000 in revenue and $90,000 in profit.

The business was already up and running in Miami, and it had big plans to take it to the Nevada desert as well.

The loss has definitely disappointed Robert. He tells Daymond, “I expect that from Mark, but not from you.” This shows that the Sharks recognized a lot of promise in the EZ VIP company.

True to his promise, Daymond pulled Pitbull into the contract as an EZ VIP spokesman. This was shown in an updated piece in episode 312, five months after it was first broadcasted.

According to online reports, PitBull did not provide financial assistance to Alashe Nelson, but she did get emotional support.

Perhaps since the sale was not finalized, activities ended and the company vanished like a puff of smoke.

Alashe is said to have been steadily declining, and the company’s website is currently offline. The latest post was on its Facebook page in 2016, but there have been no more details available.

Alashe’s LinkedIn profile has shown that the firm is open; however, there are no additional job listings and customers can no longer visit the website.

Current Update: Is EZ VIP Still In Business?

Unfortunately, the company’s website has been closed since the upgrade in Shark Tank.  It has been rumored that  EZ VIP and Alashe have fallen down. The Facebook page has not been updated since 2016, and there is no more information. There are no job postings, and the company’s website seems to be defunct.