What Happened To Grinds Coffee Pouches After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)

Grinds Coffee Pouches made a big splash when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2023. The brand, which specialized in flavored nicotine pouches for adults, quickly gained a passionate following and many wondered what their future held. After their appearance on Shark Tank, however, the company seemed to disappear from the spotlight and many were left wondering: what happened to Grinds Coffee Pouches? This article will explore the events that followed Grinds’ appearance on Shark Tank and examine where the company stands today.

Overview Of Grinds Coffee Pouches

Grinds Coffee Pouches have become a popular way to get an energy boost without all the sugar and calories that come with traditional energy drinks. The company first appeared on Shark Tank in 2013 and quickly gained traction. Since then, they’ve become one of the most recognizable brands in caffeinated snacks.

The product is made from ground coffee beans and comes in a variety of flavors, including mint and chocolate mocha. They are also available in different sizes, ranging from individual pouches to larger bags for sharing with friends.

By 2023, Grinds Coffee Pouches had expanded their reach to include over 11,000 retail locations across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. They were also featured in various online stores, as well as being available through subscription services like Amazon Prime. The success of Grinds Coffee Pouches has been attributed to its unique taste and convenience factor – it’s easy to grab a pouch while on-the-go or at home for an instant pick-me-up!

The Pitch To The Sharks

It was a dream come true; the moment Grinds Coffee Pouches had been waiting for. The five Sharks sat across from the founders, ready to hear what they had to offer. With a deep breath, the pitch began:

Grinds Coffee Pouches is an innovative new product designed with convenience and portability in mind. Our pouches provide a mess-free way for caffeine lovers to get their daily dose of energy on the go. Here are just a few of the features that set us apart:

  • All natural ingredients
  • No spills or messes
  • Available in 11 delicious flavors
  • 100% recyclable packaging

The Sharks were thoroughly impressed by the product and its potential. They quickly recognized the advantages of Grinds Coffee Pouches over other products on the market and saw great potential for growth. After much deliberation, they decided to invest in Grinds Coffee Pouches, making it one of the most successful Shark Tank investments ever!

Mark Cuban’s Offer

Mark Cuban’s offer was hard to turn down. After hearing about the potential of the product, he was enthusiastic and ready to invest. He proposed that he would invest $150,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in Grinds Coffee Pouches. Cuban argued that with his help, the company could expand their reach and create more retail opportunities.

The Sharks were impressed with Cuban’s knowledge and passion, but they were hesitant to accept his offer without any due diligence or research into the company. The entrepreneurs were asked by Cuban to provide data on sales and revenue growth to prove that Grinds Coffee Pouches would be successful after his investment.

The entrepreneurs agreed to provide the information requested, and Cuban accepted their final offer of $150K for 18% equity if they met certain performance milestones within twelve months. The sharks offered their congratulations as the deal was made official; it seemed like both parties had come out ahead in this arrangement.

The Launch Of The Unflavored Product Line

After the Shark Tank 2023 appearance, Grinds Coffee Pouches saw tremendous success. This allowed them to launch an unflavored product line, featuring a variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.

The new product range included:

  1. A caffeinated version with a mild taste and just the right amount of kick
  2. An organic decaf option for those looking for a little energy without the jitters
  3. A Turkish-style cold brew, which had been developed in collaboration with leading baristas to ensure authenticity and quality

The success of this product line was overwhelming, with customers raving about the taste and convenience of the pouches. It quickly became clear that having unflavored options was essential to Grinds’ growth as a company. Sales skyrocketed and soon their products could be found in stores all over the country. This has helped Grinds Coffee Pouches become one of the most popular coffee brands in the US today – something they never would have achieved without taking a chance on Shark Tank 2023!

Expansion Into Retail Stores

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Grinds Coffee Pouches had experienced tremendous growth and success. After receiving a $300,000 investment from Mark Cuban in 2023, the company began to expand rapidly. They quickly moved into retail stores throughout the US, focusing on convenience stores and grocery markets.

In order to maintain their high-quality product, Grinds Coffee Pouches invested heavily in research and development. This allowed them to create new flavors that would help them compete in the coffee market. Furthermore, they developed innovative packaging solutions that made it easier for consumers to store their coffee pouches at home or grab them on the go when needed.

The expansion into retail stores proved to be successful for Grinds Coffee Pouches and by 2025 they had achieved a significant presence in over 5,000 stores across the country. Although they faced strong competition from traditional coffee brands, their unique products and passionate customer base helped them gain traction in the market and become one of the top selling coffee pouch companies.

The Shift To Online Sales

After their successful appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, Grinds Coffee Pouches saw a huge uptick in demand for their product. To meet this need, the company began to expand into retail stores throughout North America. But as the pandemic of 2024 continued, businesses across the continent were forced to close down. This meant that Grinds had to find a new way to reach and serve their customers.

The solution? A shift towards online sales. The company quickly adapted its operations and launched an e-commerce platform which allowed them to reach a much wider audience than before. They created innovative marketing campaigns to drive traffic and sales, offered discounts and deals, and began offering subscription plans that made it easy for customers to order regularly without having to place individual orders each time.

It was a risky move, but it paid off – Grinds experienced explosive growth as a result of their decision to focus on online sales. Customers were now able to conveniently purchase Grinds from the comfort of their own homes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Customers could now conveniently purchase from home
  • Innovative marketing campaigns drove traffic & sales
  • Subscription plans enabled customers to order regularly
    Grinds Coffee Pouches’ decision to focus on an online presence proved successful – they experienced dramatic growth as a result of this shift in operations, while also increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Company Rebranding

The success of Grinds Coffee Pouches on Shark Tank 2023 was a game-changer. With the help of the panel, they were able to rebrand their product and launch it into the mainstream. The new look was sleek and modern, appealing to a new generation of coffee drinkers. Every aspect of their packaging was designed with convenience in mind, making it easier for customers to take their coffee with them wherever they went.

Grinds quickly became one of the most popular coffee brands in the world. Their products could be found in stores across the country and online ordering meant that you could get your favorite blends delivered right to your door. They also began introducing new flavors and special offers that made it even more enticing for new customers to try out their products.

With a dedicated customer base and an ever-growing reach, Grinds Coffee Pouches were well on their way to becoming a household name. In just two years after appearing on Shark Tank, they had achieved what seemed impossible at first – becoming an international success story.

The Launch Of The Grinds Energy Pouches

After rebranding, Grinds Coffee Pouches underwent a major launch with the introduction of their new energy pouches. The product was a hit among college students and shift workers who needed an extra pick-me-up. It quickly become known for its convenience and affordability. Customers could grab a pouch on the way to class or work, and enjoy the boost of energy that came with it.

The Grinds Energy Pouches were touted as being natural, healthy and much better for you than traditional energy drinks. With less sugar than other leading brands, they offered an all-natural solution to getting the energy boost people craved. In addition, these pouches were easily portable and could fit in any pocket or backpack.

Grinds Coffee Pouches became a staple of many morning routines around the world. People would bring them to school or work to get through long days without having to rely on sugary drinks that left them feeling sluggish later on in the day. They also started selling in stores across the country, making it easier for people to find them no matter where they lived.

The Coffee Pouches’ Continued Popularity

In the months following its appearance on Shark Tank, Grinds Coffee Pouches saw an overwhelming success. The product quickly became a household name, with everyone from college students to business professionals embracing the convenience of having their favorite caffeinated beverage in pouch form. Sales skyrocketed and the company was able to expand their distribution channels throughout the country.

Grinds Coffee Pouches further solidified their status as a go-to coffee option through creative marketing campaigns and collaborations with popular influencers. They even introduced new flavors such as Mocha and Caramel Macchiato that further broadened their base of customers. Their commitment to using only all-natural ingredients helped them build trust with health conscious consumers and increased customer loyalty.

Years later, Grinds Coffee Pouches remain an immensely popular beverage choice amongst people of all ages – proving that their appearance on Shark Tank was just the beginning for this innovative brand. With no signs of slowing down, they continue to dominate the market and bring convenient coffee pouches to people everywhere.

The Future Of Grinds Coffee Pouches

After the success of their Shark Tank episode in 2023, Grinds Coffee Pouches continued to gain traction. People began to recognize the convenience and affordability of this pocket-sized coffee alternative. As a result, the company has seen remarkable growth over the past few years.

Grinds Coffee Pouches have responded to this increased demand by expanding their flavor selection and distribution networks. With five signature flavors now available, customers can choose from a variety of bold and smooth tastes. The team has also partnered with major retailers across the United States to make their product more accessible to consumers.

The future looks bright for Grinds Coffee Pouches as they continue to grow their customer base and find new ways to innovate their products. With further expansion on the horizon, it’s likely that this convenient coffee alternative will be around for many years to come.


Grinds Coffee Pouches have come a long way since they first appeared on Shark Tank in 2023. After Mark Cuban’s investment offer, the company rebranded and expanded into retail stores and launched an unflavored product line. The introduction of their energy pouches has been particularly successful, leading to a continued popularity in the coffee world. As Grinds continues to innovate and bring new products to the market, there’s no doubt that their coffee pouches will remain popular for years to come. I’m excited to see what Grinds comes up with next!