What Happened To Guardian Bikes After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)


For the majority of youngsters, biking is simply a fun activity. This educates kids on the value of persistence and the significance of mastering hard things the right way.

Learning to ride a bike is not an easy task. You will tumble, get injured, and smash throughout the learning process, but you will genuinely appreciate that vacant road with your hands clenched on the bicycle handlebars when you are done.

In 2017, Brian and Kyle from California appeared on the Shark Tank to pitch their business, Guardian Bikes, with hopes of securing a $500,000 financing along with a 10% ownership in their company,

Brian’s SureStop braking system is standard on all of the kid’s bikes in Guardian Bikes, making them the finest and safest on the market.

The rear and front brake levers on Guardian Bikes make stopping simple for young riders and keep them from falling over the handlebar.

This mechanism ensures the pressure applied to the front and backhand brakes is equal. The price is between $330 and $420, depending on the size and design you choose.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name Guardian Bikes
Website / Social Media         https://guardianbikes.com/
Episode          Season 8 Episode 21
Product Offering       Children’s bicycles with safe brakes
Founded 2015
Founders Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen
Required Investment $500,000 with 10% stake
Closing Deal $500,000 with 15% stake
Offered Sharks          Mark Cuban
Current Business Status In Business

What is Guardian Bikes?

The upgraded braking system of the product, which is specifically designed for youngsters, has established a new benchmark for safe cycling.

You have to squeeze one handlebar to engage the trophy-winning SureStop stopping mechanism on their bikes, never both. As a consequence of a sensible decision by the founders, they incorporate a front brake efficiently, making it the world’s most child-friendly bike.

An upgraded braking system was the goal of Guardians Bikes. Using SureStop’s groundbreaking latest brake technology, the Guardian Bikes can stop far quicker and safer than ever, removing the risk of flying over the handlebars when stopping.

How Does Guardian Bikes Work?

Kyle Jansen and Brian Riley recognized that starting to ride a bicycle had a profound impact on their life. They now hope every child will have the same opportunities to explore that pleasure without such fear of smashing and tumbling off their bike.

They claim to be the least risky bicycles for children in the area. It’s hard to dismiss their promises, given that their bikes include a brand-new, innovative braking mechanism.

With the SureStop brake pedal, they enable the bicycle to brake suddenly in a fraction of the time in a safer manner.

Children’s self-esteem and courage will soar if the number of bicycle-related deaths and injuries is reduced.

Guardian Bikes are so well-liked because they have an innovative braking mechanism and are being hailed as the following wonderful part that accompanied those growing youngsters.

Who Founded Guardian Bikes? Founder Backgrounds

As we have all heard, it is better to be prevented than sorry, which doesn’t necessarily mean following the crowd. Guardian bikes are one example of this.

Kyle Jansen and Brian Riley took the initiative to create this magic under the assistance of their unique Sure stop Braking mechanism. All Guardian bikes utilize this technology to maintain this stability for the upcoming journeys.

Following the two years that the business was founded, the braking system was developed in 2013. However, the founder’s motivation for starting the company was to provide a remedy to the sorrow that his grandpa had endured as a result of an accident.

The product’s unique selling proposition is its Sure Stop Brake technology, which allows you to brake twice rather than once, so preventing a dreadful fall.

Guardian Bikes Business Before Shark Tank

Kyle Jansen and Brian Riley have worked tirelessly to improve Guardian bikes and improve their technology to be safer and better.

To prevent head-over-handlebar fatal crashes like taking the life of the founder’s grandfather and breaking multiple vertebrae, they use an innovative braking system that applies to the rear wheels instead and gradually applies brakes to the front wheels.

Because of their success on Shark Tank, Guardian Bikes is now looking to expand into the production of their own bicycles, which they have been supplying braking systems and pads to some other manufacturers.

If yes, how many shareholders did Guardian Bikes persuade to project their capital into the company? Let’s dive deep into the truth!

Guardian Bikes During Shark Tank Pitch

As a result of their appearance on Shark Tank, Kyle Jansen and Brian Riley hoped to secure $500,000 in exchange for a 10 percent ownership in Guardian Bikes.

According to some, Guardian Bikes has the potential to become a multi-million dollar company.

The company’s three-year revenue grows to $200,000 worth of brake pads. Compared to its peers, Guardian Bikes’s braking systems cost merely $4 over the rivalries that can be effortlessly made up of bikes that cost over a hundred dollars while the brake pads priced $5 more.

The corporate has generated roughly $95,000 when Sharks saw the created bicycles, and they anticipate making $350,000 by the end of month 12.

The corporate might have bypassed the bicycle market if it had not decided to produce bikes.

In the wholesale market, it sells for $240 while the cost is cheaper than double at the retail level, yielding healthy profitability.

Sharks have split the ideas if Guardian Bikes entered the bike production plant instead of being a SureStop security-brake patent licensor.

This may be a strategy for Guardian Bikes to increase brand awareness and build a response loop where customers who know the SurStop decide to buy more bikes that have this technology.

While it may be required to produce cycles when firms such as Huffy are already in existence, it might be a large financial expenditure that is generally superfluous if marketing is done well.

Mark Cuban, the only shark, eventually thought the company had a great concept (which was generally acknowledged) and might execute to license and start their own manufacturing.

With the consent between owners and Mark Cuban, they agreed to secure $500,000 in return for 15% of the company, based on the founders reaching 6 and 12-month targets and employing an in-house PR specialist.

Guardian Bikes Closing Deal in Shark Tank

The founders’ goal is to raise $500,000 by selling 10 percent of their company. Explain the Sharks their backstory, then teach them how to brake.

Despite Chris Sacca’s enthusiastic endorsement of the product, Mr. Wonderful wonders why the company decided to manufacture bikes instead of licensing this advanced technology.

In Barbara’s opinion, the Sharks need a competent salesperson. For the amount of $500,000, Kevin offers a 20% stake in the company if they quit making bikes.

Kevin leaves the field when these two-buddy founders look for others. However,  Lori and Chris also left behind the ideas as well.

Eventually, Shark Mark offers to pay $500,000 under three conditions to be fulfilled that ensure the technology is distinctive, sales objectives are met, and PR expertise is employed. Finally, this is the final deal!

Guardian Bikes After Shark Tank

The condition of the Guardian Bikes seems to be outstanding. Mark Cuban’s funding and the recruitment of PR specialists have given Guardian Bikes a far more substantial digital footprint.

On top of that, the corporate has a sleek Web 2.0-style site with buying details, video tutorials, and numerous advertising materials. More than this, the company created almost every platform of social media account you can think of, and they use them to spread the word about their business.

Regarding accepting the shark tank’s investment, the company’s announcement is prominently displayed on their Facebook page, with updates showcasing the latest bike colors and setup and performance videos.

Generally speaking, fan engagement is modest, although this is not a cause for concern considering the niche industry.

Retweets of the Guardian Bikes praising its appearance and engineering excellence have been retweeted multiple times, making them the perfect gifting items.

Although YouTube channels and Instagram accounts are less engaged than other social media platforms, they nonetheless offer effective advertising options and the ability to increase awareness and education about your products.

Current Update: Is Guardian Bikes Still In Business?

The Guardian Bikes received the promised financing when Mark and the company reached an agreement.

Guardian Bikes is unquestionably a going concern, as shown by its income and market value have skyrocketed in recent years. The company made $350,000 in its first year of operation and has since grown to one million dollars and is approaching $5 million in revenue.

Educating and promoting child-safe bicycles and enhancing cycling innovation is what the company tries to introduce this dreamy duo in the future. Their product line was expanding to include adult bicycles.

As a result of the partnership between SureStop and Schwinn, the adult-sized economy bike, named Candis, will be offered at Walmart. Therefore, Guardian Bikes’ stock price rose, and the company had a promising future.

By the end of July 2021, Guardian Bikes is a fully running and successful business.  Adult bicycles are still out of reach for this firm. The company’s yearly revenue is close to $1 million.