What Happened To Guardian Bikes After Shark Tank? (2023 Updated)

Guardian Bikes first appeared on Shark Tank in 2013 with a groundbreaking idea: to make bicycles designed specifically for kids. The company gained a lot of traction and was eventually acquired by Dorel Industries. Since then, Guardian Bikes has become one of the most successful bicycle companies in the world. So what has happened to Guardian Bikes since Shark Tank 2023? In this article, we’ll take a look at how Guardian Bikes has evolved over the past decade and explore their current offerings.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Guardian Bikes has seen tremendous growth and innovation. The company now offers a wide variety of bikes for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. They also continue to develop new technologies such as electric bikes and their own proprietary safety features. In addition, they have partnered with several major brands to create collaborations that appeal to today’s young riders. With so many exciting changes taking place at Guardian Bikes, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this beloved brand!

History Of Guardian Bikes

Guardian Bikes first gained attention in 2013 when it appeared on the hit show, Shark Tank. The company was created by Dave Weiner and his son, with the mission to make bike riding safer for children. Their product, a patented SureStop Braking System, was designed to help kids stop their bikes more quickly and safely than they could with traditional brakes.

The company had an impressive showing on the show, which helped them gain national recognition. After their appearance on Shark Tank, Guardian Bikes experienced rapid growth as more parents began to recognize the importance of their product and its ability to improve safety for young riders.

In 2023, Guardian Bikes continued to expand their presence in the bike industry by launching a new line of electric bikes for adults. This new venture allowed the company to reach even more customers and further establish itself as one of the leading brands in the cycling community.

Acquisition By Dorel Industries

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Guardian Bikes found success and made a deal with Dorel Industries for acquisition. This acquisition transformed the brand from a small start-up to a global leader in children’s bike production.

With Dorel Industries backing the company, Guardian Bikes was able to expand its product offering beyond just bicycles, launching an entire line of scooters, helmets, training wheels, and bike accessories. They also began to offer bikes in different sizes so that they could accommodate children of all ages.

The acquisition by Dorel Industries enabled Guardian Bikes to reach new markets and customers around the world, significantly increasing their customer base and sales.

Bullet Point List:

  • Expanded product offering
  • Different bike sizes to accommodate all ages
  • Reached new markets and customers
  • Increased sales significantly – Utilized digital channels to expand reach

Latest Bike Models

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Guardian Bikes proved to be a success. The company has since released several new models of bikes that have been well-received.

The Guardian Bike Classic is the company’s flagship model and features a lightweight frame, comfortable ride, and adjustable seat. It’s perfect for both casual and serious cyclists alike. Meanwhile, the Guardian Cruiser offers a more relaxed riding experience with its single-speed drivetrain and wide tires. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any rider’s needs.

The newest addition to Guardian Bikes’ lineup is their Elite Series. This line includes three different models: the Ultra, Pro, and Sport. The Ultra is designed with an aluminum frame for an ultra-light weight feel while the Pro provides enhanced comfort with its full suspension setup. Finally, the Sport is perfect for those who want performance without compromising on style – it has a lightweight carbon frame and hydraulic disc brakes for precise control.

Each bike in the Elite Series is designed for maximum performance no matter what terrain you’re tackling or how hard you’re pedaling. From mountain trails to city streets, Guardian Bikes can get you where you need to go safely and quickly!

Electric Bikes

After the Shark Tank of 2023, the Guardian Bike Company saw a huge surge in sales. With their innovative bike designs and technology, they quickly became one of the top brands for electric bikes. Consumers were amazed by their sleek designs and powerful motors. They loved that Guardian Bikes allowed them to travel farther and faster than ever before.

The popularity of electric bikes continued to grow over time and Guardian Bikes was at the forefront of innovation. Their latest models featured new components to give riders even more control over their ride. These included adjustable speeds, stronger brakes, and improved suspension systems that provided superior comfort while riding.

From commuting to leisure rides, Guardian Bikes had something for everyone. They also released a line of folding bikes that could easily be stored away when not in use. The company continues to stay ahead of the curve with their commitment to quality products that people can rely on for years to come.

Proprietary Safety Features

After Shark Tank 2023, Guardian Bikes soared in popularity. Their mission to make biking safer was a hit with parents and cyclists alike. The company quickly became known for its proprietary safety features designed to keep riders safe.

The first feature of note was their patented Steady Lock system, which allowed for quick and secure mounting of the bike onto any surface. It made it easier than ever for children to mount and dismount their bikes without fear of the bike tipping over or falling off an uneven surface.

The second feature that made Guardian Bikes stand out was their patented Sure Break system, which allowed the bike to gently slow down when approaching an obstacle or corner. This helped prevent accidents due to sudden stops or slips on wet surfaces, ensuring that riders had plenty of time to react and stay safe.

These two features combined with many others have made Guardian Bikes one of the most sought-after brands in cycling today, providing riders with peace of mind knowing they can ride safely no matter where they go.

Brand Collaborations

After their appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, Guardian Bikes experienced an unprecedented surge of growth and success. Their proprietary safety features had made them a hit with parents and kids alike, and the company was riding high. However, they knew that to keep up their momentum they would need to look for new opportunities.

So they turned to brand collaborations. By partnering with established brands in the cycling industry like Trek, Specialized, and Camelbak, Guardian Bikes were able to gain access to wider markets as well as valuable resources that helped them continue innovating. They also saw a tremendous boost in customer loyalty – by associating themselves with trusted names in the industry, customers felt more confident investing in Guardian Bikes’ products.

The results of this move were nothing short of extraordinary; within two years of their Shark Tank debut, Guardian Bikes had become one of the most recognizable bike companies in the world. They achieved this through shrewd brand partnerships that helped them reach new heights – not only did it increase their visibility but it also allowed them to develop even more advanced safety features than before.

New Technologies

After the appearance of Guardian Bikes on Shark Tank in 2023, the company saw an increase in popularity and success. The innovative design and practicality of their products made them stand out in a crowded market. With this boost in attention, Guardian Bikes was able to expand their options:

  • Lightweight frames that fit any size rider
  • High-visibility safety features to keep riders safe
  • Revolutionary locking system for easy security

With all these features, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to Guardian Bikes for their riding needs. They have become one of the most sought after bike brands, offering reliable transportation with peace of mind. As such, Guardian Bikes has become a leader in creating new technologies for cyclists around the world.

Apparel And Accessories

After Shark Tank 2023, Guardian Bikes experienced an incredible surge in popularity. The innovative bike company’s state-of-the-art designs, materials and technology were a hit with consumers. As the company grew and became more successful, they began to create other products such as apparel and accessories.

These items ranged from t-shirts, shorts and hats that featured the Guardian Bike logo to items such as water bottles and phone mounts specifically designed for their bikes. Their goal was to give their customers a complete biking experience by providing them with everything they needed for a safe ride.

All of these new products proved to be incredibly popular and continued to help Guardian Bikes grow even further. They quickly became one of the leading companies in the biking industry, offering customers high quality products that allowed them to enjoy their rides safely and comfortably.

International Reach

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Guardian Bikes has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. Their innovative designs and commitment to safety have made them the go-to choice for parents across the globe. As such, their global reach has expanded significantly since 2023:

  • They now have retail outlets in over 35 countries on six continents.
  • They have partnered with numerous international non-profit organizations to promote bike safety and education around the world.
  • Their product line has been featured in multiple international publications and media outlets.

It is clear that Guardian Bikes has become an increasingly global brand since its appearance on Shark Tank, and its influence can be felt around the world. As it continues to grow and expand, there is no doubt that Guardian Bikes will continue to make a lasting impact in the cycling community for years to come.

Future Of Guardian Bikes

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Guardian Bikes had a bright future ahead of them. They continued to grow as a company and expand their product offerings. In 2024, they released the all-new Guardian Pro model which featured an electric motor that could be activated with the push of a button and allowed riders to go farther while still consuming minimal energy. The Pro was an immediate success and received rave reviews from cyclists across the US.

The following year, Guardian Bikes introduced their first official line of accessories designed specifically for their bikes. This included items such as helmets, lighting kits, cargo baskets, phone holders, and more. Customers found these accessories to be both stylish and functional and sales skyrocketed.

In 2026, Guardian Bikes reached another milestone when they opened their first brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco. The store featured a wide selection of bikes and accessories for customers to choose from as well as knowledgeable staff members who were able to answer any questions customers had about their products. Since then, Guardian Bikes has continued to expand into new markets across the US and abroad.


In conclusion, Guardian Bikes has come a long way since it first appeared on Shark Tank. After being acquired by Dorel Industries, the company has continued to innovate and develop its products. It now offers electric bikes, proprietary safety features, new technologies, apparel and accessories, and has an international reach. With such successes under its belt, Guardian Bikes looks set for a bright future in the world of cycling. We look forward to seeing what exciting new developments the company will bring us in the years to come.