What Happened To Hater App After Shark Tank? Hater App Shark Tank Update 2022


Would you date someone who hates all the things you dislike too? In season 9, Episode 12 of the Shark Tank show, a 29-year-old university champ, Brendan Alper, features the Hater App. The former Goldman Sachs financial analyst turned comedy writer came up with the app that would match singles based on what they hate.

Though it sounded like a joke, the idea had psychological backing. The users could pick from over 4000 topics they hate, and the app matches them to their perfect partner. Alper appeared on Shark Tank seeking $200,000 in exchange for 5% equity in the Hater App. He pitched his idea to the sharks.

Did he leave with a deal or not? What happened to Hater App after Shark Tank? Keep reading to get the latest updates about the Hater app’s progress in 2022.

Hater App Overview in Shark Tank 

Company Name Hater App
Website          https://www.kasualapp.com/
Episode           Season 9 Episode 12
Product Offering      Hater App – an app for matching people to partners with all traits they hate.
Founded 2017
Founder  Brendan Alper
Required Investment $200,000 For 5% stake in Hater App
Closing Deal $200,000 For 7.5% + 2.5% Advisory Shares
Shark  Mark Cuban
Current Business Status Out of business

What is Hater App?

Hater App is a dating app that allows people to find partners based on what they hate or dislike vis-à-vis their likes. The user chooses from over 4000 topics ranging from politics, business, lifestyle, food to sports. The Hater idea came up out of a joke. As a comedy writer, Alper shared the idea of matching people with things they hate. The audience loved that joke which prompted him to develop an app.

He designed a Tinder-like app that allowed people to swipe up and down for love or hate and left or right for like and dislike. The app was a revolution for other dating apps that use what people like to match them.

How Does Hater App Work?

Hater App uses algorithms to determine one’s perfect match. It features over 4000 topics hand-picked by the app owner. When you are on the app, you can swipe up or down for love or hate and right and left for likes or dislikes on a particular topic.

The algorithm uses these actions to match you with the right person with similar dislikes. It assesses your compatibility to choose a partner for you.

Who Founded Hater App?

The Founder of the Hater App is Brendan Alper. Alper is a former Goldman Sachs financial analyst who turned comedy writer. He quit his job after 5 years upon realizing that it was no longer interesting. The app was his first investment in the startup world.

Alper had a passion for writing comedy sketches. When doing one of his favorite art, an idea about using dislikes to connect with people popped into his mind. He shared it with people, and everyone loved the idea leading to the birth of Hater.

Initially, Hater was meant for his comedy skits, but his friends stated that they would download such an app if it ever existed. This aspect popped him to turn the concept into a real app.

Hater App Business before Shark Tank 

Alper started his journey to make Hater App a reality after potential users expressed their interest in such an app. He used his 401(k) contributions to develop the app’s software. Also, he reached out to friends and family and raised $100,000. This money became the initial investment to turn Hater App into a reality.

After two years, Alper launched the Hater App in early 2017. The app succeeded and acquired 30,000 daily active users within a month. It had matched over 200,000 people by March 2017. This aspect moved it to the top position of the leisure apps in Germany.

The app’s success went viral, and Sharks had an interest in it. They invited Alper to try his luck on the show. After several applications, he got an opportunity to pitch his idea on the Shark Tank.

Hater App during Shark Tank Pitch

Brendan Alper featured the Hater App in the 12th episode of the Shark Tank season 9. He was seeking an investment of $200,000 for a 5% stake in the Hater App.

Alper states that he is from Brooklyn, New York, and goes on with his pitch. He explains to the sharks what the company is about by saying that they are the only brand that uses the power of hate to make love. Alper invites the sharks to accompany him to explore the dating app and its functionalities.

He explains a study revealing that people are more likely to have a strong bond if they hate the same things than those who love similar things. Rohan agreed with the sentiment. Alper shares the idea behind the Hater App as he hands some emoji signs to the sharks.

He starts to perform the practical part by displaying various topics on a TV screen, and the sharks had to say whether they liked or hated them. The exercise showed Rohan and Barbara matching, which sparked laughter from the panel. Mark is curious whether the app has some questions during the signing up process. Alper states that it has such questions, and the user has five options to answer them: love, hate, like, dislike, and neutral.

Rohan wanted to know the current user base, where Alper confirmed it already had 500,000 users after launching on 2017 Valentine’s Day. Lori wondered how the app makes money, but the creator confirmed that it is still in its early phase. However, he noted that they are trying different monetization options.

The sharks wanted to know about the project funding. Alper revealed to them that he had used his saving and 401(k) contributions. He also noted that King, a mobile gaming company, had helped him raise $500,000 in exchange for 12.5% equity. 

Now, sharks wanted to know about the app’s daily usage. Alper confirmed that it has 8,000 to 10,000 active users – numbers that did not amuse the sharks. They started to make their decisions regarding investing in Hater App.

Rohan was the first shark to leave, stating that the number of users was low, making it hard for the app to succeed. Barbara loves the app and stated that its name was a “pure genius.” She offers Alper $250,000 for a 5% stake. She wants an answer from Alper immediately. However, Alper is in confusion and wants to hear other offers.

Lori offers $200,000 for a 10% stake and states that Hater App has the potential of becoming a big brand. She is also ready to work with him one-on-one to grow the brand. Mark comes in with a $200,000 offer in exchange for a 7.5% stake and 2.5% in advisory share. He states that he is going to help Alper get celebrity connections. The offer is the same as that of Lori.

As he thinks about the offers, Robert pops up a new offer of $500,000 for a 15% stake. This offer would be a joint investment between him and Barbara. Alper has offers on the table. Which one should he consider?

Hater App Closing Deal in Shark Tank 

Alper deliberated on the offer and decided to work with Mark. He closed a deal with Mark, which meant $200,000 for 7.5% equity and 2.5% advisory share plus connections to celebrity influencers. The deal was now sealed.

Hater App after Shark Tank 

The Hater app experience a surge in downloads after its debut on the Shark Tank. The app got over 35,000 who joined its beta program. Mark created a profile on this app to feel the experience – he was not searching for a partner since he is already married.

The app base grew to 750,000 users. Alper planned to introduce premium subscriptions and targeted ads to enhance its cash flow. The app got a rating of 4.5 stars and 3 stars on the App Store and Play Store respectively. Its social media following also surged.

Current Update: Is Hater App Still In Business?

Though it has an active website, Hater App is not in business. The business shut down in 2019 despite closing a deal with Mark on Shark. Also, Brendan moved to Stockholm, Sweden. He launched a new app called Everbloom that enables users to turn videos into amazing stories.


How much does the product cost?

Hater App was free to use. Anyone could download it on App Store and Playstore.  

How does Hater App help you?

This app helped people find a date who hates the same things as they do.

Why did Hater App shut down?

There is no official communication about whether the app shut down entirely. However, the possible reason for being inactive is due to a lack of enough cash flow. Alper had commented on this aspect in 2018.

What is the net worth of the Hater App?

The Hater App’s net worth is unknown

What is Brendan Alper’s net worth?

Brendan Alper never disclosed his net worth.

What percentage of Hater App did Mark Cuban own?

Mark Cuban agreed to offer $200,000 for 7.5% equity + 2.5% advisory share. In other words, Mark owned 10% equity in Hater App.