What Happened To Mikki Bey After Shark Tank? Mikki Bey Shark Tank Update 2023

Mikki Bey made a splash on the hit show Shark Tank in 2019. She was an inspiring entrepreneur who presented her innovative beauty products to the panel of investors. After her appearance on the show, everyone wanted to know: what happened to Mikki Bey? Since then, she’s been working hard and growing her business. Here’s a look into what Mikki Bey has been up to since her time on Shark Tank, and where she stands today in 2023.

Mikki Bey immediately made an impression with her innovative beauty line pitched to the Sharks. Despite not making a deal with any of them, she walked away from the show determined to make her dream a reality. She wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way, and she had big plans for where she wanted to take her business in the future. Keep reading for an update on Mikki Bey and find out where she is now!

Mikki Bey’s Innovative Beauty Line

Mikki Bey first entered the Shark Tank in 2023 with her innovative line of beauty products. She came to the tank seeking $200,000 for 5% equity in her company, and she was met with enthusiasm from the sharks. She explained that her products were all natural, vegan, cruelty-free and affordable – something that wasn’t common in the beauty industry at the time. Her proposal was well-received by all five Sharks who were impressed by Mikki’s passion and drive to succeed.

After much deliberation, Mark Cuban decided to invest $200K for 10% equity in Mikki’s company – double what she had originally asked for! The other sharks quickly followed suit and a deal was made. With the capital injection, Mikki took her business to new heights. She expanded her product range, launched a successful online store, and opened up several physical locations across the United States.

Today, Mikki Bey’s beauty line is one of the most successful companies in the industry. Her products are now sold in over twenty countries around the world and have been featured on some of the biggest fashion magazines out there. Mikki has become an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere and is living proof that hard work pays off.

Securing Funding After Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, Mikki Bey was determined to make her vision a reality. She sought out different investors and used the publicity from the show to her advantage. It wasn’t easy, but she persevered and was able to secure the funding she needed:

  1. She applied for a loan from local banks and was able to get a favorable interest rate.
  2. Through networking events, she was able to find angel investors who believed in her product.
  3. Mikki also received donations from family, friends, and fans of the show who wanted to see her succeed.

Mikki Bey’s hard work paid off and in 2023 she secured enough funding to launch her business. Her products have been successful in stores across the country and have brought joy to many customers who had previously struggled with their skin care needs. Her story is one of determination and resilience that will inspire generations of entrepreneurs for years to come.

Expanding Her Brand

After appearing on Shark Tank, Mikki Bey’s brand quickly took off. She had a vision of a global beauty line and she was determined to make it happen. With the help of the Sharks and her own hard work and dedication, she was able to create an expansive brand that included products for hair care, skin care, cosmetics, and more.

Mikki Bey also used her platform to empower women. She launched a digital magazine that focused on health and wellness topics while also helping to share stories of female entrepreneurs. Through her website, she connected with customers around the world and provided them with tips and tutorials to help them look their best.

Mikki Bey’s success has been remarkable; after just three years in business, her beauty empire is now worth millions of dollars. Her products can be found in stores all over the world, and she continues to inspire millions of people every day with her message of beauty from within.

Reaching A Wider Audience

Consequently, Mikki Bey’s product had a lot of potential. With the support of her Shark Tank investors, she was determined to make an even bigger impact and reach an even wider audience. To do this, she set out to establish relationships with major retail stores and create a more comprehensive marketing plan.

Mikki worked hard to find the right way to promote her brand and its products. She developed partnerships with retailers like Target, Walmart, and Nordstrom. As a result of these strategic collaborations, her products were available for purchase in multiple stores across the country.

She also made sure that her products were featured on popular websites like Amazon and Etsy, which helped further expand her reach. Her efforts paid off; by 2023, Mikki Bey’s business had grown exponentially and become a household name in beauty products.

Increasing Digital Presence

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Mikki Bey has made immense strides in the digital space. Her presence can now be felt across a wide range of platforms and her name is quickly becoming synonymous with success. Through strategic marketing initiatives and an ever-growing social media presence, she is creating a brand that will last for years to come:

• Developed an engaging website to showcase her products
• Established a strong social media presence on all major platforms
• Built relationships with influencers to spread awareness of her products
• Leveraged targeted ads to increase sales and reach new customers
• Created content that resonates with her audience

These efforts have paid off in spades as Mikki Bey’s visibility continues to skyrocket. By partnering with companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, she has been able to maximize the potential of her digital footprint. With this newfound success, it is clear that Mikki Bey will remain a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Developing New Products

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Mikki Bey has been hard at work developing new products and services. Her first venture after the show was a subscription-based makeup line created with natural ingredients to provide healthier cosmetics for everyone. She also launched an app that allowed users to virtually try on makeup, enabling them to find the perfect shade of lipstick or blush without having to physically try it on. With her newfound visibility and resources, she has been able to expand her business into new markets and continue creating innovative products.

Mikki Bey has made sure to give back to her community as her success continues to grow. She recently opened a beauty salon that offers discounted rates for customers who can’t afford traditional salon prices, allowing individuals from all walks of life access to high quality beauty treatments. Additionally, she launched a scholarship program aimed at helping young people start their own businesses and achieve their dreams.

To stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing industry, Mikki Bey continues experimenting with different ideas and exploring new opportunities for growth. With her determination and drive, there is no doubt that she will continue being successful in the years to come.

Establishing Strategic Partnerships

Following her appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, Mikki Bey wasted no time in establishing strategic partnerships to further expand her business. She quickly forged a web of relationships with key industry players that allowed her to access resources she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. Here are some of the ways Mikki was able to leverage these partnerships:

  • Access to capital:
  • Developed a loan program with banks and investors who were willing to provide her with the funds she needed for growth.
  • Secured angel investments from successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.
  • Collaborations with experts:
  • Partnered with top-level professionals who provided mentorship and advice on how best to grow the company.
  • Reached out to other entrepreneurs in the same space for advice and assistance with scaling operations.
  • Business development opportunities:
  • Sought out networking events and conferences that offered not only exposure but also potential customers and partners.
  • Negotiated deals with larger companies for access to valuable resources such as supply chain management services, marketing materials, and customer service support.

Mikki’s strategic partnerships enabled her business to go beyond what it could have achieved without them, allowing her to compete at a higher level in the marketplace and find success both financially as well as in terms of overall brand recognition. By leveraging every resource at her disposal, Mikki was able to achieve remarkable growth over the course of the next few years.

Securing International Distribution

Mikki Bey’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2023 was a success. She secured a $150,000 investment from two of the Sharks and immediately began to focus on securing international distribution for her product. Her team worked hard to connect with businesses in multiple countries who could help distribute her product.

The biggest challenge she faced was getting the word out about her product beyond the United States. Mikki invested time and resources into marketing campaigns that allowed her to reach potential customers all over the world. This strategy proved to be successful and soon she had customers from several different countries ordering her product online.

Thanks to this international reach, Mikki Bey has been able to increase sales significantly and is now focusing on further expanding her customer base by exploring other markets and finding new ways to provide value for her customers. With these efforts, she is confident that she will continue to grow her business for many years to come.

Growing A Team Of Influencers

Mikki Bey was on a mission. Her Shark Tank appearance had seen her catapulted to success and now she was ready to take things to the next level by growing a team of influencers. She sought out experts in the field, piecing together a powerful network that could help her spread her message far and wide. With their help, over time she developed an impressive social media presence that connected with thousands of people around the world.

Mikki invested heavily in her team, providing them with training and resources to help them gain traction and maximize their reach. She encouraged them to take risks and be creative in how they promoted her brand, while also ensuring that they maintained a professional approach in all interactions with their audience. Through this strategy, Mikki’s products were able to reach new heights of success, with her reputation as an innovative leader continuing to grow.

By 2023, Mikki Bey had achieved great success due to her strategy of building a team of influencers – something that had started out as just an idea on Shark Tank. From there it had become so much more; the foundation for an enduring legacy which continues to inspire others today.

Diversifying Her Business Model

The sun shone brightly as Mikki Bey stepped out of the studio. She had just come out of the ‘Shark Tank’ and her life had changed drastically in the blink of an eye. After months of hard work, she had been able to turn her dreams into a reality. Now, with the help of investments from the Sharks, she was ready to take on the world!

Mikki Bey quickly realized that having just one product wasn’t going to be enough to make her successful. She needed to diversify her business model in order for it to survive and thrive:

  • She began to develop strategic partnerships with other companies
  • She invested in creating a strong online presence for her brand
  • She focused on providing premium customer service
  • She explored different ways to market and advertise her products
  • She identified new target markets and expanded into them

Mikki Bey’s commitment paid off – within three years, she had established herself as one of the leading entrepreneurs in her industry. Her story inspired others around the world who were looking to make their mark in business. With hard work, dedication, and a clear vision, anything was possible!


Mikki Bey has come a long way since her appearance on Shark Tank. She’s secured funding, expanded her beauty line, and reached a much wider audience. She’s also diversified her business model and built up an impressive team of influencers to help promote her products. As Mikki continues to grow her brand, she’s also looking to secure international distribution and establish more strategic partnerships in the future. It’s clear that Mikki will continue to be successful in the years to come. With hard work and dedication, I’m sure she’ll create even more innovative beauty products that will captivate the world.