What Happened To Mikki Bey After Shark Tank? Mikki Bey Shark Tank Update 2022

Mikki Bey aspires to stretch her marketplace and get the Sharks to finance in Mikki Bey’s Eyelash Extensions in Shark Tank on episode 7 of season 2. Bey, a native of Detroit, started her work as a CBS news producer but quickly realized she required a new avenue and paved her journey into the world of makeup artists. Before Mikki joined the pitch, she had done the makeup on many celebrities.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name Mikki Bey Eyelashes
Episode         Season 7 Episode 2
Product Offering     Eyelashes Extension Salon
Founded 2011
Founder Mikki Bey
Required Investment $300,000 For 20% equity
Closing Deal No deal
Offered Sharks         No shark
Current Business Status Out of business

 What is Mikki Bey?

Mikki Bey is an entity that offers eyelash extensions that enable all people to feel, appear, and experience the treatment like celebs. Mikki Bey founded the company in 2011.

At that time, she saw a potential opportunity to use her beauty qualification on Hollywood icons and ordinary customers. So she applied ready-made artificial eyelash patterns to make the clients appear and feel like A-list superstars.

They apply safe false eyelash extensions, which require just half an hour. These eyelashes would last for up to two months. Mikki’s business fame gradually grew as a result of her eyelash extension’s longevity and how she treats her customers like a celeb.

The firm operates in Los Angeles or via short courses that train others to follow the same techniques in the United States, Central America, and the United Kingdom. She encouraged people who share similar dreams to pursue careers as eyelash-extension professionals. 

By 2014, Mikki had made over USD 130,000.00 in sales. She began seeking investors at that point. Not just to manifest her provisions but also to ensure that the training she provided was adequately accredited. 

How Does Mikki Bey Work?

Even though Mikki mainly works with celebrities, she empowers her operation with ordinary customers by transforming thin causal lashes into luscious and luxuriant eyelashes.

Refilling lashes takes an hour and costs from $85 while attaching lashes takes around half an hour and costs from $200. More than that, Mikki has built a great connection with well-known beauty publications, such as Vogue Magazine.

Despite her ongoing success, Mikki Bey keeps promoting her merchandise nonstop. You can learn her eyelashes techniques by attending her most prominent training sessions for $600. Classes are held at different locations in New York, Detroit, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Honolulu, Scottsdale, Puerto Rico, and London as part of the “World Lash Tour.”

These classes include a comprehensive start-up kit, allowing registrants to generate income as eyelash extension practitioners successfully. Mikki Bey claims to be a self-made six-figure entrepreneur who can help others accomplish the same goal. 

Who Founded Mikki Bey? Founder Backgrounds

Before embarking on the company, Mikki Bey, the company’s CEO and founder, was a CBS news producer. Nevertheless, she felt she was equipped with talent to contribute artistically and decided to leave her position at the company to chase a dream career as a celebrity makeup artist.

Mikki still works in the beauty industry as a lash guru, carving herself a niche. She has become well-known because of many television interviews, media publications, and publicity stunts. 

Mikki Bey Business Before Shark Tank

The truth is that many unnamed employees polish your favorite star’s perfect appearance in the Hollywood world. At the glamorous events, celebrities are always in the best dresses and have had extensive cosmetic touch-ups to smooth out any flaws in their look.

A makeup artist with extensive expertise and Hollywood connections is Mikki Bey. You may have seen her work on MTV, E!, or VH1. As part of the Grammy Glam community, a team of prominent beauty professionals in the field that report live on each year’s Grammy Awards, she published beauty news every week for the digital lifestyle magazine, also known as MadameNoire.

As a CBS producer, Mikki was disappointed by the inadequacy of freshness, so she decided to leave the corporate job and become a specialized makeup artist for celebrities. She started her own company in 2011, niching on eyelash beauty, and has since expanded her services.

Every major city in America would be an excellent place for Mikki Bey’s business. However, she knew she had a lot of money to expand her effective and efficient operation. Therefore, she must seek investors to finance her trademark in the country’s big cities. In order to achieve this goal, she applied to feature on Shark Tank in 2015.

Mikki Bey During Shark Tank Pitch

Mikki’s pitch starts by stating that eyelash extensions are a fast-growing inclination in the cosmetic business, and her business method is unique. Her ambition is to bring Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions appear at every premium site. 

She joins Shark Tank looking for $300k for a 20% share in her firm. She states she could offer anybody the famous and luxurious look.

She applies the eyelash on a Shark, Mark Cuban, using a magic solution. She then offers the actual transformation that shows the lashes extension’s captivated influence. She comes with a strong will that she desires to obtain a patent for her business practice with this capability.

On the financial position side, Kevin O’Leary, the so-called Mr. Wonderful, goes straight and pinpoints the reason why the business  is worth $2.5 million. Mikki explains her exponential growth in sales within three consecutive years of  2012, 2013, and in 2014.

She believes in trademarking her lashes technology and training people who are interested in this area to use it. Kevin O’Leary accepts that Mikki has a successful company, but it is impossible for the investment. He predicts that she will not secure funding on Shark Tank.

Mikki begins weeping as O’Leary departs, announcing she is going to make it and she won’t give up on it so easily. Besides, she insists the Sharks take a risk with her.

Barbara Corcoran, on the other hand, puts herself out and exits, stating that Mikki is delivering a service instead of a production company.

Lastly, Lori Greiner is also out, but she believes in Mikki that she will make an end meet for her eyelashes business. 

Mikki Bey Closing Deal in Shark Tank

Unfortunately, Mikki didn’t get the deal from Shark Tank. In addition, Barbara leaves her with a message that she needs to get rid of all the pathetic stuff like crying; because it makes her look less empowering. On top of that, O’Leary adds, she should never cry for money, because money never cries for you. 

Mikki Bey After Shark Tank

Both Barbara and Kevin agreed that Mikki’s crying had made her present less appealing. But, on the other hand, Mikki didn’t want to let herself down. Meanwhile, there were numerous criticisms and attention drawn to Barbara Corcoran’s comments to Mikki on the TV.

Remember that Barbara Corcoran has been perceived as savage. But she is a Shark; what else would you expect from a business personage who is tough and has a lot of money to invest?

Weeks after the show aired, Mikki said that Barbara was incorrect. Crying did not make the power fade; it defined normal human behavior and not just females. She raised the case of Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, who cried at work. She also talked about Hillary Clinton being emotional when she spoke about the gun regulator.

Mikki Bey also disclosed that the show shooting day took place on the memorials of her father’s loss, which shed a little tear. However, she said that considering a woman depending on how she can hold the tear was outrageous.

Despite the show’s controversy, Mikki’s brand image has not been harmed in any way. On the contrary, Mikki’s business portfolio has carried on growing since her show first aired. In addition, she has hired more employees, even though she only has one location. 

Current Update: Is Mikki Bey Still In Business?

Following her appearance on Shark Tank, Mikki Bey decided to close her salon one year later. As a consequence of this experience, she went on to get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. As a result, a large pharmaceutical business now employs her.

Mikki has been more keen on guiding people how to get a job as eyelash specialists, and she now organizes frequent beauty seminars in many places throughout the states.

The training takes place over two days and will provide participants with all of the skills and expertise to start earning money for themselves after completing it. However, the number of students that attend each session is not specified.

To no one’s surprise, Mikki is still brimming with the same self-assurance and enthusiasm that she has shown admirably in the tank; she says she intends to continue expanding her company until it is acknowledged as an internationally known beauty brand.

She is always eager for a challenge; she claims she has mastered to flow with the stream instead of going against it. She wants to continue in this industry until the tide turns.