What Happened To Pavlok After Shark Tank? Pavlok Shark Tank Update 2022


A habit is a disease. It is easy to start a certain positive or negative routine, but quitting is a disaster. Many people have been trying to change their bad habits like smoking, eating chocolates, drinking alcohol, or social media distractions. The situation was the same for Maneesh Sethi.

Maneesh is the brain behind Pavlok, a device designed to help break bad habits while encouraging good ones. The device uses an old conditioning technique and automatically warns the user when they try to get off the road of changing their behavior.

Maneesh appeared on Episode 29 of the Shark Tank season 7, seeking $500,000 for 3.14% equity in Pavlok. Did the sharks agree to seal a deal with him? What happened to Pavlok after Shark Tank? Read on to get the latest Pavlok Shark Updates and its status in 2022.

Pavlok Overview in Shark Tank 

Company Name Pavlok
Website          https://pavlok.com/
Episode           Season 7 Episode 29
Product Offering      Pavlok – a smart wristband device to help curb undesired behavior
Founded 2014
Founder  Maneesh Sethi
Required Investment $500,000 For a 3.14% stake in Pavlok
Closing Deal No deal
Shark  No shark
Current Business Status In business

What is Pavlok?

Pavlok is a smart wristband device similar to Fitbit designed to help people avoid bad behavior. The device delivers an electric shock of up to 340 volts when the user engages in the behavior they are looking to change.

It also has options for vibrations and beeping to warn you when you are about to break the rule and engage in bad behavior. Pavlok help people reduce cravings, keep up with their fitness objectives, or quit bad habits like smoking cigarette.

How Does Pavlok Work?

Pavlok works through the mild electric stimulus to warn you about engaging in undesired habits. You wear it like a wristwatch. Whenever you want to divert from your behavior change route, it will send an electric stimulation to respond to your actions.

The device can work through shock therapy with a magnitude of 340 volts. Also, it can vibrate or beep. It can detect the movement of your hand to deliver the shock or hit a button when you are about to engage with the undesired behavior. The aim is to offer you a snap that gets you back into an awareness mode when you are about to miss the way to behavioral change.

Who Founded Pavlok?

Pavlok was an invention by Maneesh Sethi. He came up with the idea after struggling with social media addiction. Maneesh wanted to change his behavior without success. He even hired someone to keep him on track. This person’s role was to slap him whenever he diverted to social media.

The harsh reinforcement showed improvement in changing the bad behavior. Through the experience, Maneesh thought of a way that would impact people struggling with a certain bad habit. He utilized the aversive condition idea from Ivan Pavlok to develop his device.

Maneesh is a former web designer who has a degree in computer science, technology, and society. He was pursuing a clinical psychology degree when he appeared on the Shark Tank show. He also has a blog that he uses to answer questions about Pavlok, psychology, and learned behavior.

Pavlok Business before Shark Tank 

Before Shark Tank, Maneesh Seth was an enthusiast internet entrepreneur. He started his first company, dubbed StandardDesign, when he was 12 years old. These companies focused on web designing. At 16 years, he launched a book titled “Game Programming for Teens. He was also featured on a TechTV episode that was discussing video game programming.

Maneesh contributed $5,000 to a charity affair that focused on providing energy and internet connectivity to public schools in Rajasthan, one of India’s largest states. In 2010, he wrote a memoir titled “Hack the System.” The memoir was about aversion treatments.

The memoir might be the start of inspiration that shows him develop Pavlok. This device was seeking to help people change their bad behavior. Maneesh got backing from Angel investors and was able to raise funds to kick start his company. The fund campaign done via Indiegogo raised 5 times the target amount.

Due to this success, Maneesh wanted to expand his production. This inspired him to feature in the Shark Tank episode.

Pavlok during Shark Tank Pitch

Maneesh Sethi appeared in Episode 29 of the Shark Tank season 7. He was requesting $500,000 for a 3.14% stake in his company.

He began his pitch by stating that everyone has a bad habit that they wish to stop. Maneesh explained that these habits range from minor to harmful ones. He then explained how his invention dubbed Pavlok, would help people monitor and fix undesired habits.

He explained how the device acted when a person performs a bad habit. The device would monitor such habits and respond with an electric shock. This explanation sent the sharks into a laughter moment.

Maneesh told them that the experience of the shock is not a laughing matter. He shared more information about the device’s operations and how it is helping users change their behavior since it was already in the market.

Lori got curious and wanted to know what inspired him to develop this idea. Maneesh explained his challenges with ADHD and how it affected his productivity. He shared his struggles with bad habits and the extent of hiring a person to help him avoid Facebook through slaps. The working of the idea inspired him to invent Pavlok.

Robert wanted to know the scientific aspect of this device. Maneesh said it was designed around the aversive conditioning idea popularly known as the Pavlovian principle. The idea was important in conditioning the reptile brains by using light shock. 

Maneesh hands over some samples of Pavlok. Each Shark got their piece with an engraving of the Shark’s name. Robert loved the design. Maneesh asked him to push the lightning bolt. Robert stated that he experienced a little pulse.

Maneesh told them that he had adjusted the pulse to avoid scaring the Sharks. Barbara was curious and wanted him to adjust it upward, which he did. The experience was amazing, and the sharks had to jump. Kevin’s reaction was notable as he shouted to Maneesh, asking him to turn down the shock.

After all explanations, Mark was skeptical and wondered how Pavlok had made sales amounting to $800,000. Further, the sharks raised concerns noting that two-thirds of the sales were pre-orders while the rest was prototyping. The product had not undergone a marketing test.

Lori was the first to back off from the pitch. The lack of clinical trials was her main issue, and she dubbed the product as “near-o.” Robert said it was an excessive price and too was out. Mark also concurred with Lori’s view and too left.

Kevin was the remaining Shark and had an interest in the product, given that he had some background in aversion therapy. He offered to loan Maneesh the requested $500,000 for 3.14%. Maneesh had to repay it within two years at an interest rate of 7%.

Pavlok Closing Deal in Shark Tank 

Maneesh rejected Kevin’s offer and stated he was ready for another deal. His action angered Kevin, who referred to him as an asshole and directed him to leave the floor. So, Maneesh left Shark Tank without a deal.

Pavlok after Shark Tank 

Though Maneesh left Shark Tank without a deal, the exposure was crucial to his business. He experienced massive growth where the Pavlok users jumped to 10,000. Pavlok went on to search for funds through a crowdfunding campaign and was able to raise $200,000 in 3 rounds.

Pavlok also got two investors, namely IncWell and Mass Challenge. The device ranked as the best seller in the Gadget and Electronics category in 2015. He introduced the second and third versions of Pavlok, which came with additional features. The brand also added a Shock clock. The device is transforming and will soon have Pavlok Chat integration.

Current Update: Is Pavlok Still In Business?

Pavlok is still thriving and making profits. The company reported that its sales are increasing and costs are declining by up to$100,000 per month. It is witness growth in the wholesale arrangement. Pavlok has a coaching program that is too part of the business and contributes to profitability.


How much does the product cost?

Pavlok cost was $200 per piece during the Shark Tank pitch. The price has since changed with the addition of new features and the introduction of improved Pavlok versions.

How does Pavlok help you?

Pavlok is a wristband designed to help users quit bad behavior using electric shock to switch the user from autopilot mode to awareness mode.

What is the net worth of Pavlok?

The net value of Pavlok was estimated to be $15.9 million during the pitch. However, the current information estimates this company’s net worth to be between $1 million and $4 million in 2022.

What is Maneesh’s net worth?

Maneesh Sethi is worth $3 million. His wealth comes from different sources, including his YouTube Channel dubbed Hack the System with Maneesh Sethi and his two companies, Pavlok and Behavior Technology  Group, Inc., where he is the CEO.