What Happened To Snactiv After Shark Tank? Snactiv Shark Tank Update 2023

Snactiv made quite a splash when it appeared on Shark Tank in 2021. The health-snack subscription service earned the attention of the sharks with its commitment to sustainability and nutrition. But what happened to Snactiv after Shark Tank? This article will provide an update on the company’s progress since appearing on the show, as well as what’s happening with Snactiv in 2023.

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Snactiv has gone from strength to strength. With the backing of two of the Sharks, they’ve been able to expand their range and increase production capacity. They’ve also been able to use their newfound exposure to reach new customers, building up a loyal base of subscribers who love their nutritious and sustainable snacks. Let’s take a look at what Snactiv is up to now and find out what lies ahead for this innovative company.

Background On Snactiv

Snactiv first appeared on Shark Tank in 2017, the brainchild of two college students looking for a way to make healthy smoothies on-the-go. The brothers behind the product pitched their idea to investors with enthusiasm and innovation. After a successful pitch, Snactiv secured a deal with one of the sharks, gaining an investment that would help them continue developing their product and business model.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Snactiv has seen incredible success. In addition to creating portable smoothie packs filled with all-natural ingredients, they’ve also developed a line of protein bars and vegan snacks. Their products are now sold in stores across the country, as well as online through several ecommerce sites.

Today, Snactiv is continuing to grow and expand their offerings. They are continually experimenting with new flavors and formulas and are actively testing out new ideas in order to stay ahead of trends in the health food industry. With the continued support from their investors and customers alike, Snactiv remains an exciting company to watch in 2023 and beyond.

The Sharks’ Involvement

Snactiv had an opportunity to make a splash on Shark Tank in 2023. After months of preparation and practice, they presented their product before the five Sharks. The Snactiv team was determined to convince one or more of the Sharks to invest.

Their presentation showcased Snactiv’s unique features and benefits. They demonstrated how Snactiv could save time and money for consumers, while also creating a healthier lifestyle. They outlined their plans for marketing and production, as well as their long-term growth prospects.

The Sharks were impressed with the founders’ ambition and knowledge, but ultimately declined to invest due to concerns about profitability and scalability. Despite not receiving an investment from Shark Tank, Snactiv is continuing to grow and are pursuing partnerships with local grocery stores.

  • Marketing Strategies:
  • Traditional:
    • Newspaper ads
    • Television ads
    • Radio ads
  • Digital:
    • Social media campaigns
    • Website optimization
  • Product Enhancements:
  • New flavours of protein bars
  • Nutrient-rich smoothie packets

Snactiv has taken steps to ensure their success in spite of no shark involvement — they have made investments in their product line, marketing strategies, and customer service. Through these efforts they have seen a growth in sales over the past year and expect continued success in the future.

Expansion Of Range And Production

Since their fateful appearance on Shark Tank in 2023, Snactiv has gone from strength to strength. The $2 million investment they received allowed them to expand their range and production significantly, creating a whole new range of healthy snacks for the world to enjoy.

The first step was to begin production on a larger scale, allowing Snactiv to reach more people than ever before. They invested in state-of-the-art equipment and expanded their manufacturing facilities, enabling them to produce snacks with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

This expansion also allowed Snactiv to develop new products. With the help of the Sharks’ expertise, they created an array of delicious snacks that have become incredibly popular all over the world. From crunchy protein bars to vegan-friendly snack balls, there’s something for everyone at Snactiv!

Snactiv is now one of the leading producers of healthy snacks worldwide and continues to innovate and create new products every day. Their success story serves as inspiration for other entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the world.

Reaching New Customers

Following the success of our appearance on Shark Tank, Snactiv experienced a surge in demand for our products. We quickly realized that we needed to expand our range and production capabilities in order to meet this demand. In order to do so, we invested heavily in developing new flavors and varieties of our snack bars, as well as ramping up our production capabilities to ensure a steady supply.

With an expanded range of flavors and product types available, Snactiv was now able to reach new customers with different preferences and dietary restrictions. We also made sure that our products were affordable and accessible across the country by partnering with major retailers like Whole Foods and Target, as well as smaller regional stores. Moreover, we continued to focus on digital marketing efforts in order to drive additional sales.

These steps enabled us to attract more customers than ever before, allowing us to become one of the most recognizable snack brands in the country. To date, Snactiv has seen double-digit growth year-over-year since appearing on Shark Tank. We have been able to achieve this through careful planning and strategic partnerships that allowed us to reach new customers while maintaining existing relationships with loyal customers.

Growing Customer Base

Snactiv has made great strides since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2023. After receiving an investment from one of the sharks, it gained more attention and visibility than ever before. As a result, the company has been able to expand its customer base significantly, reaching people in countries around the world.

The company now offers a range of products designed to help people stay active and healthy. Its mission is to make physical activity fun and accessible for everyone. The product range includes everything from fitness trackers to interactive games that can be enjoyed with friends or family. Snactiv also offers free online tutorials and resources, providing customers with all the information they need to reach their personal health goals.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Snactiv has become a well-known brand with a strong presence in many markets. With continued success, the company looks forward to further growth in the years ahead and helping even more people reach their health goals.

Expansion Of Distribution Networks

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Snactiv has continued to expand its distribution networks. The company began by partnering with local stores and vendors in their home region of Los Angeles. This allowed them to get their product into the hands of customers quickly and easily. As demand for Snactiv’s energy bars grew, the company saw an opportunity to expand further. They partnered with larger retail chains, expanding their reach throughout California and eventually the rest of the US.

Snactiv also made a move overseas. By working with international distributors, they were able to get their product into countries like China, India and Australia. This gave them access to new markets and enabled them to increase sales even further. In addition, Snactiv took advantage of online retail platforms such as Amazon and eBay to make ordering easier for international customers.

Today, Snactiv is sold in over 30 countries around the world and continues to grow its global presence every day. With a focus on quality products and customer satisfaction, they are well on their way to becoming an internationally recognized brand in the health food industry.

Increased Market Reach

Snactiv received a huge boost in exposure and investment after appearing on Shark Tank in 2023. The company was able to use the new capital to expand their market reach and gain traction with customers.

The team was able to focus their efforts on improving the product’s features, such as:

  • Developing an intuitive user interface
  • Offering more payment options
  • Streamlining the ordering process
  • Implementing a rewards program for loyal customers

This strategy helped Snactiv to increase its customer base and establish itself as a leader in its industry. As a result, the company has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and is now one of the most successful snack delivery services available today.

Plans For 2023 And Beyond

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2020, Snactiv has seen tremendous growth and success. It has become a household name and its products can be found in many stores across the United States. The company’s goal for 2023 is to expand even further and make its products more accessible globally.

In 2021, Snactiv launched an international e-commerce website to cater to customers outside of the US. This was a major milestone for the company and allowed them to reach customers all over the world with their innovative snack food alternatives. They also plan on increasing their product range with additional flavors of their signature snacks as well as expanding into new categories like healthy meal replacements and energy bars.

Snactiv is also focusing heavily on sustainability by using natural ingredients that are locally sourced and completely vegan certified. As they continue to grow, they are committed to making sure that their impact on the environment stays minimal while still providing satisfying products for everyone around the globe.

Through continued innovation, high-quality ingredients, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to sustainability, Snactiv looks forward to continuing its success in 2023 and beyond.

Long-Term Goals

Snactiv has had an incredibly successful journey since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2023. The company has gone from being a small start-up to a multi-million dollar enterprise. Snactiv’s flagship product, the Snactiv Bar, is now available in supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. This success has enabled Snactiv to expand into other areas such as catering services and meal delivery kits.

The company has also been able to invest in research and development for new products that cater to their growing customer base. They’ve recently released a vegan protein bar that has become very popular with health conscious consumers. In addition, they have developed a line of energy drinks and shakes that are packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. Snactiv is continuing to experiment with different flavors and ingredients to provide customers with healthier snacks options.

Going forward, Snactiv intends to focus on expanding their reach by introducing their products into new markets. They plan to launch a number of new products over the next few years, including frozen meals and breakfast bars, which will be available both online and in stores. At the same time, they are working hard to ensure their existing products remain top quality by using only natural ingredients that are sourced from sustainable sources. Through this strategy, Snactiv hopes to continue providing customers with delicious and nutritious snacks for years to come.

Impact On The Health Snack Industry

Snactiv made a huge splash in the health snack industry after appearing on Shark Tank. The company’s innovative approach to nutrition, combining vegetables, fruits and nuts into convenient snack bars, was an instant hit. Since then, Snactiv has experienced tremendous growth, becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the space.

Their success can be attributed to their commitment to quality ingredients that taste great and provide sustained energy throughout the day. They’ve also been able to expand their selection of flavors and varieties, offering something for everyone. In addition, they’ve developed a strong online presence with a loyal customer base that continues to grow each year.

As of 2023, Snactiv is still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The brand has become synonymous with healthy snacks that are tasty and nutritious. Their products have been featured in numerous publications, showcasing just how much they have grown over the years. With new flavors being released regularly and ongoing collaborations with other companies in the industry, Snactiv is poised to remain at the top of its game for many years to come.


In conclusion, Snactiv’s success story following their Shark Tank experience is a testament to the product’s quality and popularity. After appearing on the show and receiving an investment from three of the Sharks, they were able to expand their range and production capabilities significantly. This allowed them to reach new customers, grow their customer base, and increase their market reach both domestically and internationally. With plans for further expansion in 2023 and beyond, Snactiv looks set to continue its rise in the health snack industry. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for this innovative company!