What Happened To Spoonful of Comfort After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)


In 2016, Spoonful of Comfort, which is a delivery business for comfort food, was featured on season 8, episode 1 of Shark Tank.

Wymer was motivated to launch the company after her mother’s cancer diagnosis in October 2007. She could not visit her mother because she was away in Florida with her small kids and in Canada in New Brunswick.

To ease her mother’s pain, she decided to send some of her mother’s homemade chicken soup. Her mother used to comfort her in the same manner. Unfortunately, her mother died six weeks later.

Consequently, in honor of her mother, Wymer developed Spoonful of Comfort to ease the process of sending delicious baskets to family members who live far away. Wymer offers a full warranty.

In addition, her company promises that it will be made and given with the same care that she would give to her mother.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name Spoonful of Comfort
Website / Social Media         https://www.spoonfulofcomfort.com/
Episode          Season 8 Episode 1
Product Offering       Provides service delivery for soups and gift packages
Founded 2008
Founder Marti Wymer & Scott Gustafson
Required Investment Request for $400,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity
Closing Deal Deals were broken down
Offered Sharks          No sharks offered
Current Business Status In Business

What is Spoonful Of Comfort?

A spoonful of Comfort gift is an excellent way to demonstrate your empathy and best wishes to a friend or family member.

Moreover, it is indeed a one-of-a-kind gourmet gift basket. It is a service delivering soups specializing in comfort food.

Soups made from all-natural ingredients are sent to family members and friends around the nation in times of need.

How Does Spoonful Of Comfort Work?

There are three forms of soups to choose from, including tomato basil, potato leek, and chicken noodle. These soups, which serve 4-6 people, are supplied the following day in 64-ounce jars. Initially, this care box was intended as a present for ailing family members.

Moreover, Birthday care and pregnancy packages have been included in the bundle. Each gourmet care box consists of six different kinds of cookies prepared with sugar, chocolate chip, and chocolate chip, as well as a handwritten card letter, one serving spoon, and 64 ounces of soup.

The package costs $69, and consumers may add tea, inspirational literature, and blankets for another additional price.

On the other hand, cookies (chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin or sugar) and a spoon are included in the gift baskets.

Frozen gel ice packs are contained in the soup. Hence, when it arrives, you may freeze it or keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh for a few days.

Who Founded Spoonful Of Comfort? Founder Backgrounds

Marti Wymer, currently CEO of Spoonful of Comfort, started the company. Scott Gustafson has also joined the firm as an investor.

When Wymer needed some gentle, loving care, her mother would make chicken soup and serve it to her. She pledges to deliver every single order with the same care she would give to her mother.

During a moment of difficulty, the brand was formed. Wymer had just discovered that her mother had lung cancer at the time. Wymer wanted to do something meaningful for her mother. She pondered cooking chicken soup but couldn’t send it since she was far away.

Wymer’s mother sadly died before she had a chance to taste her soup. In remembrance of her mother, she started Spoonful of Comfort to guarantee that no other family suffers the same tragedy as hers.

She wanted to make sure that her customers bought presents for their beloved rather than for profit. A spoonful of Comfort’s clients attested to the company’s creativity. Before appearing on Shark Tank, they had already made more than one million dollars in sales.

Spoonful Of Comfort Business Before Shark Tank

Wymer experienced hardship when she first launched her chicken soup company. Wymer was far away from her mother, who had lung cancer, but she could not see her mom. She wanted to send things to her dying mom, but she couldn’t find anything acceptable online.

The usual chocolates or flowers were extravagant and out of place in this environment. When Wymer’s mother passed away six weeks later, Wymer decided to establish her own company.

What is a better way to console someone who is sick or sad than with a delicious chicken soup? A spoonful of Comfort did turn into a reality.

Her husband’s buddy Scott put up a significant amount of money in the soup transport business on his own dime. When the pair decided to get new customers, they used a daily deal website. And, they quickly became very successful.

Despite the significant number of customers buying care packages, the company was fast losing money. They needed the Sharks’ help.

Spoonful Of Comfort During Shark Tank Pitch

A spoonful of Comfort’s entrepreneurs entered the Shark Tank program and took the stage.

Scott Gustavson, along with Marty Weimer, presented themselves as well as their company. The two requested $400,000 in expansion financing in return for 10 percent of their company.

They began the lecture by requesting the Sharks to envision a loved one who was ill or in pain. Wymer said that it was a normal human desire to comfort them in a specific manner, but it has not always been practical due to hectic schedules and individuals living across the nation.

The company began on a Groupon-style website, and although its product was successful, they were rapidly losing money. They spent $18 to recruit a client and $31 to manufacture the goods. It was apparent that they were losing money when they sold it for $35.

When Kevin, one of the Sharks, questioned Scott whether they had repeat clients, he conceded that the business model had flaws. Barbara, another Shark, interjected, saying that although she loved the concept, she wanted it to be more immediate.

Every one of the Sharks seemed taken aback when they learned that overnight delivery costs an extra $39 in addition to the suit bundle price. It didn’t matter that the company had earned $1,000,000 in its first year of operation. The business concept could not be sustained.

Barbara thought the firm was too complicated and couldn’t believe the investor had already invested $1.3 millions of his own money.

Spoonful Of Comfort Closing Deal in Shark Tank

Another Shark, Daymond, demonstrated to be very enthusiastic about the concept. However, he perceived that their targeted audience was highly restricted and that it would not raise at the current value. He went out unsatisfied.

Lori told Wymer that she enjoyed the flavor of the soup, the simplicity of the gift was excellent, and that the cookies and rolls were adorable. Unfortunately, she didn’t anticipate the company growing to the level where she’d be able to recoup her investment. As a result, she went out.

Robert was the next to speak. He informed them that no one in the world enjoyed soups more than him. Unfortunately, Robert discovered that the company had been in operation for five years and had not ironed out all of the issues. He also declined to help.

After showing appreciation to all the Sharks for their time, the entrepreneurs went down the stage. Wymer, who had begun the firm after her mother passed away, must have been devastated because She just owns 40% of it as the other investor, her husband’s friend, took the additional 60%

Spoonful Of Comfort After Shark Tank

Both the founders and entrepreneurs seem to have taken the Sharks’ suggestion regarding scalability seriously. On August 29th, 2017, they announced new cookie-only bundles.

Customers can make an order of two to four dozen cookies from the four types they like for free delivery; The company additionally includes a handwritten letter on which you put an advance additionally to the package, according to the company’s blog.

The cost of two packets of cookies is $19.99. So that they wouldn’t be entirely out of reach for people who could afford them, they added a less expensive option to the list. Add-ons during checkout are another new feature on their website.

In addition to the tea, customers may send a warm blanket or an apron in addition to an overall honey box with the dipper. Moreover, they have more than 1400 good reviews on their website.

They seem to be succeeding even without the assistance of the Sharks.

Current Update: Is Spoonful Of Comfort Still In Business?

It does not matter that Shark Tank did not invest in Spoonful of Comfort. The business is still going strong. They have additionally included Fall Harvest Vegetable, Gluten-Free, and Butternut Squash bundle to their menu.

Customers may shop by occasion, including Sympathy, New Parent Gift Basket, Corporate Gifts, Get Well, Just Because, and Thinking of You, on the website.

Each option comes with a 64 oz jar of soup, a half-dozen cookies, one customized ladle, a half-dozen rolls, one personalized message card, and one unique package.

The consumer may choose from a variety of soups as well as oatmeal raisin cookies, sugar, or chocolate chips.