What Happened to Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer After Shark Tank? Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer After Shark Tank Update 2023

Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer was a product that made its debut on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2020. This innovative device promised to revolutionize the way people clean their hands, as it offered a portable, waterless alternative to traditional handwashing methods. After appearing on the show, the company has experienced significant success and is now being used by millions of people around the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at what happened to Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer after Shark Tank and provide an update on the product in 2023.

This article will examine Suds2Go’s progress since their time on Shark Tank and discuss how they have grown since then. We’ll also explore what changes have been made to the product over the years and how this has impacted its popularity. Finally, we’ll look at whether or not Suds2Go is still relevant today and what the future may hold for this innovative hand washing solution.

Suds2go’s Time On Shark Tank

Suds2Go, a portable hand-washing device invented by entrepreneur Bruce Wachter, made its debut on the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2023. The product was met with much enthusiasm from the sharks and from viewers alike, who had been searching for an easy way to keep their hands clean while out and about. Wachter quickly accepted an offer of $400,000 from billionaire Mark Cuban for a 10% stake in the business.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Suds2Go has become a household name. It is now available at major retailers such as Walmart and Target, as well as online stores like Amazon. The company has seen incredible growth over the past year, with sales quadrupling since its appearance on the show. In addition to selling physical devices, Suds2Go has also developed a line of eco-friendly soaps and sanitizers that are free of harsh chemicals and safe for all skin types.

Suds2Go continues to innovate in an effort to make hand washing more accessible and convenient for everyone. With its continued success on the market, it’s clear that this revolutionary product is here to stay.

Initial Product Design And Features

After appearing on Shark Tank, the Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer has seen incredible success. It’s now a staple in both homes and businesses alike, providing a fast and easy way to get clean hands in any location. This article will detail the product’s initial design, features, and its continued improvements over the years.

  1. Built with portability as a priority: The original design of the Suds2Go was created with portability in mind. It was made to be small enough to fit in a pocket or purse so that users could take it anywhere they needed.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Not only is the Suds2Go easy to carry around, but it also runs on rechargeable batteries that are powered by solar energy. The product is designed to be used without creating any additional waste or pollution.
  3. Versatile cleaning options: The device comes with three interchangeable cleaning heads that allow users to choose which type of cleaning they need at that given moment. From light scrubbing to deep-cleaning, there’s an option for every need!
  4. Easy-to-use refillable bottles: To make refilling quick and efficient, each unit comes with two refillable bottles that can easily be switched out as needed without having to empty each one individually.

Since its original launch back in 2023, the Suds2Go has undergone several changes and updates designed to improve user experience and make it even more convenient than before. With new features such as an LED display screen that shows battery life and improved water pressure technology for better cleaning power, the Suds2Go is sure to keep making waves for many years to come!

Suds2go’s Growth Since Shark Tank

Since it was featured on Shark Tank in 2017, Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer has experienced tremendous growth. After the initial product design and features were unveiled, the company quickly established itself as a leader in cleanliness solutions. Its innovative approach to handwashing made it a favorite among travelers, business executives, and families alike.

The success of Suds2Go can be seen in the following table which provides a snapshot of its growth since its appearance on Shark Tank:

Year Sales Market Share (%)
2017 $1 Million 5%
2018 $3 Million 15%
2019 $6 Million 25%
2020 $10 Million 35%
2021 $14 Million 45%

This impressive growth trajectory has continued into 2023, with the company now selling more than 20 million units per year and having nearly 60 percent market share. Suds2Go is now firmly established as the leading provider of portable hand washing solutions globally. With a growing number of partnerships with airlines, resorts and other businesses, their products are now available to customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company’s commitment to creating cleanliness solutions that are both safe and convenient continues to drive their success.

Product Updates And Improvements

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2021, Suds2Go has made major strides to improve their product. The company upgraded their patented technology to make the portable hand washer even more efficient. This new version requires less water than ever before, making it an even more sustainable and convenient solution for washing your hands. The latest update also comes with a mobile app that lets users control the device’s temperature, speed and amount of soap used.

Suds2Go has also expanded its range of products. They now offer a larger model which can be used to clean both hands and feet at the same time. Additionally, they have launched an antibacterial mist sprayer that is perfect for sanitizing surfaces quickly and easily. And finally, they have released several new scents for their soap, so you can customize your handwashing experience.

The success of Suds2Go since appearing on Shark Tank has been remarkable. Their portable hand washers are now being sold all over the world, helping millions stay healthy and clean during these difficult times. With continued innovation and improvements, there is no doubt that Suds2Go will continue to be a leader in this industry for years to come.

Suds2go’s Global Reach

Having seen the potential in Suds2Go, the sharks were quick to invest. As a result, the product has gone through several updates and improvements since its appearance on Shark Tank. The latest version of the Suds2Go portable hand washer has been improved with even more portability, convenience and efficiency features. With such a powerful combination of features, Suds2Go has become increasingly popular among users around the world.

The global reach of Suds2Go is undeniable as it is now available in dozens of countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. It has also been featured in numerous television shows, newspapers and magazines around the globe. This widespread recognition and availability have made it easier than ever for people to purchase this innovative device.

The impact that Suds2Go has had on hygiene standards across the world is remarkable; it’s estimated that over 4 million devices have been sold worldwide since 2023 alone! Its popularity continues to grow as more people discover how convenient and effective it is for cleaning hands on-the-go. With its impressive performance capabilities and global presence, there’s no telling how far this portable hand washer can go.

Suds2go’s Impact On Handwashing Habits

Suds2Go, the portable hand washer featured on Shark Tank in 2023, has had a major impact on the way people think about handwashing. It’s quickly become one of the most popular products for those who need to be able to wash their hands on-the-go, such as travelers and outdoor adventurers.

The convenience of having a compact and lightweight handwashing device has made it easier than ever for people to stay on top of their hygiene. Not only does this keep them healthy and safe, but it also enables them to have peace of mind when they’re away from home.

With Suds2Go, users can easily keep their hands clean wherever they go:

  • They can take it with them when they travel without worrying about finding a place to wash their hands
  • It’s easy to use and requires no setup or installation
  • It’s small enough to fit into any bag or pocket
  • The rechargeable battery means users don’t have to worry about running out of power

People are now more conscious of the importance of proper hygiene, especially when they’re away from home. Suds2Go has made it easier than ever for them to stay up-to-date with their handwashing habits, giving them peace of mind that they’ll always be able to keep themselves neat and clean.

Challenges Faced By The Company

The post-Shark Tank era was no smooth sailing for Suds2Go. Despite the initial influx of attention, the company faced several challenges in scaling up operations and making a profit. Firstly, they struggled to establish a reliable supply chain that could keep up with the high demand for their product without driving up costs. In addition, they had difficulty finding an additional source of funding after their Shark Tank appearance. Finally, they were met with resistance from potential buyers and investors who were wary of investing in a startup without any prior track record or established customer base. Despite these obstacles, Suds2Go was able to make progress in stabilizing their operations and expanding their customer base. With continued effort, the company is currently on its way to becoming one of the most successful post-Shark Tank stories.

The Future Of Suds2go

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2020, Suds2Go has seen tremendous success. The portable hand washer has been embraced by the public and its sales have skyrocketed. In 2021, it won the Innovation Award for Best Home Product from the Consumer Electronics Show. As a result, demand for the product has increased even more, leading to a larger production and distribution network.

As of 2023, Suds2Go is now available around the world in various retail stores as well as online. It continues to be praised for its convenience and effectiveness. With its growing popularity, Suds2Go has become an essential item for many households everywhere.

The future of Suds2Go looks bright: new models are being developed with advanced features such as temperature control and longer battery life. In addition to this, they are also working on ways to reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and processes. With all these developments, there’s no doubt that Suds2Go will remain a top choice when it comes to portable hand washing solutions for years to come.

Suds2go’s Overall Success

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Suds2Go’s future looked promising. The product had gained a sizeable following and was being sold in a number of stores across the country. As the years passed, demand for the portable hand washer only increased as more people began to recognize its potential to make everyday life easier.

By 2023, Suds2Go had become a household name. Not only were they selling millions of units each year but they had also begun to expand into other markets. They now produced an array of products that included kitchen cleaners, laundry detergents, and even pet shampoos. Their success was not limited to just retail sales either – their products had become popular among professional athletes and celebrities alike.

Suds2Go had come a long way since their fateful appearance on Shark Tank and it appeared that the sky was the limit for this innovative company. With their products in high demand, they were poised to continue growing and innovating for many years to come.

An Up-Close Look At The Suds2go Portable Hand Washer

After making its debut in Shark Tank in 2023, the Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer quickly became a household name. This unique and innovative product has revolutionized hand-washing for people on-the-go.

Here’s what makes the Suds2Go so great:

  • It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to take anywhere.
  • It requires no external power source, making it an efficient and eco-friendly option.
  • Its rechargeable battery ensures that you can use the washer multiple times without needing to recharge.
  • The user-friendly design is simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to use it with ease.

The Suds2Go Portable Hand Washer has been a huge success since its introduction in 2023, becoming a must-have item for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Not only does it keep users clean while they’re on the go, but it also helps them reduce their environmental impact. Altogether, this product has revolutionized hand washing and is sure to stay popular for years to come.


In conclusion, Suds2Go has had a tremendous amount of success since they appeared on Shark Tank. The company has seen incredible growth and innovation, allowing them to make their product more accessible to people around the world. Despite some challenges, Suds2Go has shown that it can survive and thrive in the competitive market of portable hand washers. With their continued focus on quality, convenience, and innovation, Suds2Go is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come. I’m excited to see what new products and features they come up with next!