What Happened to Sweep Easy After Shark Tank? (2022 Updated)


There is an issue with food dropping to the ground and adhering to it that affects everyone. Whenever it hardens up, it will be tough to clean. However, filthy floors and how long it takes to clean them are taken into account.

Sweep Easy company was invented by Shane Panel in order to address these perplexing situations. The business is the world’s largest premier sweep with a detachable/retractable scraper integrated into the handle.

The broom is used to swiftly and securely clear out the excess dried meals and other contaminants such as stickers and slime. It may also be used to clear up the mess, gum, and wax carefully.

During the shark tank Season 2 Episode 6, Shane, the Sweep Easy founder, seeks an investment of $40,000 in return for a 25 percent share in his business. Despite generating no transactions prior to the demonstration, the company’s founder exited the exhibition with more revenues than expected thanks to a solution that would change cleaning procedures.

For this reason, Shane created the Sweep Easy business, which helps users not curve their backs and clean up the floor.

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name Sweep Easy
Website / Social Media         https://www.sweepeasy.com/
Episode          Season 2 Episode 6
Product Offering       A sweeper with a detachable scraper
Founded 2011
Founder Shane Pannell
Required Investment $40,000 for 25% equity
Closing Deal $80,000 for 25% equity
Offered Sharks          Kevin Harrington and Daymond John
Current Business Status In Business

What is Sweep Easy?

You can use Sweep Easy to sweep dried or sticky dirt and debris on the surface with a broom that comes with a built-in scraper.

In 2011, Shane established a broom prototype to present in the shark tank show.

The company offers a long-lasting plastic scraper that is suitable for the rough floor surface. By using the product, users can use it without worrying about damaging it.

Moreover, the sweeper product is the necessary utility for household work and professional cleaning services wanting to minimize their time and budget.

Two investors thought that creating infomercials could be the most effective approach to developing the business.

How Does Sweep Easy Work?

Specks of Dirt and marks will no longer be available on your house’s floor when you use the Sweep Easy. The products help you clean them conveniently and fast without your back hurting and bending.

On top of that, with a detachable scraper, the users can twist the scraper to lock it for use. Also, you can twist it back to retract the broom if you stop using it.

The detachable broom assists you in cleaning without having to bend your back. Therefore, it allows you to have enough force to clean up sticky and hard debris.

Who Founded Sweep Easy? Founder Backgrounds

One of Shane Panell’s responsibilities as a stay-at-home parent was to find objects that had been trapped on the floor and remove them with a butter knife.

When he was playing with his kid and cleaning food off with a butter knife, he had the insight that the Sweep Easy broom was meant to be. The Sweep Easy broom’s scraper may be withdrawn with the simple removal of a screw.

Under the assistance and guidance of multiple restaurants, dealers and theaters, Shane decided to convert this prototype into an actual product. During season 2 of the program, Shane contacted the sharks to start the manufacturing process.

Sweep Easy Business Before Shark Tank

In episode 205 of Shark Tank, a stay-at-home father of two from Arizona proposed his invention, called the Sweep Easy, to a group of investors.

This father-of-three believes that there should be a better method to handle the messy situations of having small children.

In contrast to traditional sweeping methods, Sweep Easy avoids your knees bent down and clean the scrap issues prior to just being swept away.

A prototype is being built in his garage, and he is approaching prospective consumers as he tries to find a solution. However, despite their assurances, he has yet to get any orders for the items.

What are your thoughts? Is Panell’s product going to wow the Sharks? Are you either looking forward to watching him go down in flames or seeing him succeed with a new twist on an old broom?

Sweep Easy During Shark Tank Pitch

Shane Panell came to the show with his product’s patent-pending and asking for $40k, and the investors will get 25% ownership of the business.

The founder shows the experiment by using an adjustable scraper to sweep yogurt, cereal, and other debris off the floor to start the pitch.

Robert Herjavec claims that he was once a dad who stayed at home for three years, and he found this item interesting. So, he wants to try it.

Both Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec are curious if the founder would love to license his invention to the contemporary sweeper’ manufacturers.

Shane says he wants to license his sweeper and sell it for retail stores. Kevin Harrington disagrees, indicating that the item alone could earn a $100M revenue stream already.

However, Shanes has a greater tendency to trade his items through shops and vendors.

Kevin O’Leary goes on to discuss his budget plan for licensing the sweeper. He could pay Shane $40k in exchange for 20% equity.

Soon after, Kevin Harrington disrupts. He mentions that Shane could generate higher income from selling the items to retail. This is truly his competitive advantage.

But, before Kevin Harrington could make a counter-offer, Kevin O’Leary expanded his investment to $50k for 20% equity.

Kevin Harrington keeps claiming he can assist the founder more. Yet, Daymond John jumps into the conversation, stating that Shane might want to take control of the company himself more.

Daymond decides to make a $75k offer for 30% ownership, reminding the other Sharks that he would do the same for Shane’s sweeper.

At this point, there’s blood in the sea, and the Sharks are bidding against each other.

Barbara Corcoran, on the other hand, has left the show. The fact is, she doubts Shane’s competence to operate the company.

No matter how Kevin O’Leary tries to convince Kevin Harrington if he wants to join his scheme. Sadly, Harrington wants superior authority instead of a companion.

Clock ticking, Robert starts declaring he would offer Shane $80k, and he wants to own 25% equity.

Shortly, Kevin Harrington changes his mind and accepts Daymond John’s invitation to join him. As a result, they could climb up to Herjavec’s funds of $80k in return for business equity of 25%. The business negotiation is becoming hotter.

At that moment, Shane would like to speak to his wife on the phone, but all the hungry Sharks suppress him for immediate response.

Kevin O’Leary allows Shane to call his wife. However, if Shane contacts his wife right now, Daymond would decrease his capital injection to $70k in exchange for 30% equity.

Under this urgent deal, Shane ends up accepting Daymond and Harrington’s fund of $80k. And the founders will share 25% ownership to these 2 sharks.

Sweep Easy Closing Deal in Shark Tank

Sweep Easy closes the deal with Shark Tank by receiving $80k capital in exchange for 25% ownership for investors Daymond and Harrington.

However, Sweep Easy’s social media accounts seem quiet for a while, and no news has been updated since 2012.

But regardless of all that, after a long period of silence and unavailability, Shane revived the company in Spring 2017. The founder aims to capitalize on the continual need for the firm by activating new social media accounts, a new web page, and a brand-new invention.

Sweep Easy After Shark Tank

In the end, Kevin’s arrangement with Sweep Easy was never completed. Only about half of the agreements made in front of the cameras on Shark Tank actually go through.

For example, the popularity of the Sweep Easy broom rose when it appeared on Shark Tank Kevin Herrington delivered on his pledge to help promote the broom advertising.

Since 2012, there have been no new updates on Sweep Easy’s social media accounts. It’s still up and running on the website, however.

Sweep Easy is still available for purchase for clients who want to decrease back pain while mopping up home messes.

Following a few years of dormancy and a restricted (or non-existent) availability on the market, Panell returned the Sweep Easy back into existence in spring 2017.

Shark Tank’s ongoing airing is an excellent opportunity for Panell, which has upgraded its website, social media outlets, and a revamped product to meet the demand.

According to the most recently available information, Sweep Easy is still operating and continues to offer brooms via their internet shop, and the business’s yearly income has reached exceeding $1 million.

Current Update: Is Sweep Easy Still In Business?

After appearing on Shark Tank, the Sweep Easy broom gained popularity.

According to reports in 2012, the firm’s social media networks were shut down, and you cannot access the website, and it cannot accept orders because all goods are believed to be out of stock.

An indication of its return to business was provided by its social media accounts, which were re-established in 2017.

The company’s creator unveiled a new and better scrapper at a conference. It has developed an additional “push button” for releasing and retracting the scrapper, which the creator deemed improved over the previous model. Thanks to a handle-attached dustpan, cleaners didn’t have to stoop to gather dirt.