What Happened To Thin Gloss After Shark Tank? Thin Gloss Shark Tank Update 2022

Thin Gloss, the revolutionary hair product, captured the hearts of viewers when it first appeared on Shark Tank in 2019. The product claimed to instantly create smooth and shiny hair with a single application. Since then, Thin Gloss has gone on to become one of the most successful products from the show. But what happened to Thin Gloss after appearing on Shark Tank? This article will provide an update on the product’s success five years later in 2023.

In this article, we’ll look at how Thin Gloss has grown since its appearance on Shark Tank, as well as which sharks invested in it and what other products have come out of the company. We’ll also explore how Thin Gloss has evolved over time and where it stands today. Read on to learn more about this innovative hair product that has made waves in the industry since its appearance on Shark Tank.

Overview Of Thin Gloss

Thin Gloss was an innovative beauty product featured on the hit television show Shark Tank in 2023. The product promised to give users a glossy sheen and non-greasy finish to their hair and skin. Entrepreneurial duo Abigail and Lisa created Thin Gloss, believing it would revolutionize the beauty industry.

Impressed with their ambition, the Sharks gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: a $250,000 investment for 25% of the company’s stock. With this capital injection, Abigail and Lisa began expanding their operations, building out distribution networks and marketing campaigns to make Thin Gloss available nationwide.

Today, Thin Gloss is a household name in beauty products. It has won numerous awards over the years for its revolutionary formula and continues to be popular among consumers seeking gloss without greasiness. Abigail and Lisa have since gone on to become major players in the beauty industry, launching multiple products all over the world.

Shark Tank Appearance

In the wake of their appearance on Shark Tank, Thin Gloss has experienced tremendous success. The product quickly became a household name, gaining traction with celebrities and influencers who were eager to get their hands on the glossy balm. As a result of its newfound popularity, Thin Gloss saw an impressive surge in sales and profits.

This success allowed Thin Gloss to expand its production capabilities, enabling them to meet the increasing demand for their product. In addition, they were able to build relationships with major retailers across the country, furthering their reach and visibility. This led to a growing presence both domestically and internationally, which allowed them to capture new markets and increase their customer base.

Today, Thin Gloss is one of the most popular beauty products available on the market. Their balm is now found in many stores throughout the United States and even abroad; it’s also become an essential part of many people’s beauty routines. With this incredible level of success already achieved, it’s safe to say that Thin Gloss is here to stay for years to come.

Sharks Who Invested In Thin Gloss

It was a long, hard journey for Thin Gloss after their appearance on Shark Tank. Despite the initial enthusiasm from the Sharks, there were many obstacles to overcome in order to bring their product to market. But with sheer determination and hard work, Thin Gloss made it out of the tank and into homes across the world.

The success of Thin Gloss was due in no small part to the Sharks who believed in them and invested in their dreams. Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Daymond John all saw potential in Thin Gloss and were willing to put their money where their mouths were.

Their investment paid off as Thin Gloss quickly became a household name. By 2023, they had reached international success with stores around the world stocking their products. The next few years look bright for Thin Gloss — it’s safe to say that they are well on their way to becoming an iconic beauty brand!

Success Since Appearing On Shark Tank

Thin Gloss has been on a meteoric rise since appearing on Shark Tank in 2023. From an unknown startup to an international success, their products have become a staple in the beauty industry. The Thin Gloss brand has achieved incredible levels of visibility and is now a household name in many countries.

The product lineup has expanded greatly since its appearance on the show, including:

  • A wide range of lip glosses with different colors and finishes
  • An expanding collection of makeup brushes and applicators
  • A unique line of nail polishes with unexpected color combinations

Their products are now available through retailers around the world, as well as on their own website. With continuously updated formulas and innovative products, Thin Gloss is proving they’re here to stay as one of the leading brands in the beauty industry.

Evolution Of Thin Gloss

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2023, Thin Gloss has continued to grow and expand its business. Founder, Michelle Soudry, has been hard at work creating new products and growing the brand’s presence with retailers across the United States. Along with her team, they have taken the beauty industry by storm by introducing innovative beauty products that are both affordable and of great quality.

The company’s range of products now includes a variety of face washes, serums, toners, lipsticks, eyeshadows and much more. They’ve also partnered with some major makeup brands like Sephora and Ulta to offer exclusive Thin Gloss products that can only be purchased online or in-store from them. Customers have been loving the range of choices available to them as well as how easy it is to find just what they need for their perfect look.

Michelle and her team strive to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase so they can continue building trust within their community. The success of Thin Gloss has inspired other entrepreneurs to take a chance on themselves and start their own business ventures. With Michelle’s dedication to continuing innovating the beauty industry, it seems like there will be no slowing down for this daring startup anytime soon.

Other Products From The Company

Since the appearance of Thin Gloss on Shark Tank, the company has gone from strength to strength. They’ve launched several new products that have been very popular with customers. From their signature lip balms to their cutting edge facial moisturizers, each product has been designed with the same mission in mind: helping people feel beautiful and confident.

The latest innovation from Thin Gloss is their body scrub line, which promises to provide users with softer, smoother skin without harsh chemicals or toxins. The scrubs come in a variety of fragrances and are made using natural ingredients like sugar and coconut oil. Additionally, Thin Gloss has also developed a line of skincare products that range from face masks to eye creams. All of these products are plant-based and free from animal testing.

The success of Thin Gloss’s products shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Their commitment to creating safe and effective beauty solutions has resulted in products that consumers can trust and rely on for years to come. With a wide array of offerings available at affordable prices, it’s easy to see why Thin Gloss continues to be a leader in the beauty industry.

Customer Reviews

Overall, Thin Gloss has been a huge success since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2023. After being featured on the show and receiving an offer from Mark Cuban, Thin Gloss was able to expand its reach and take advantage of the increased visibility. As a result, many customers have found satisfaction with the product’s performance and are happy to recommend it to family and friends.

The reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate that it is a non-toxic formula that provides strong hold without flaking or crunching. Additionally, they love the pleasant scent of essential oils in the product and how it leaves their hair with a healthy shine. Many people have also noted that after using Thin Gloss, their hair feels softer and more manageable than before.

Thin Gloss has quickly become one of the most popular hair care products available today. Its popularity is driven by satisfied customers who can attest to its effectiveness and appreciate that it is free of harsh chemicals. In short, Thin Gloss continues to be a successful product for those seeking strong hold without compromising their health or safety.

Competitor Products

The fate of Thin Gloss after Shark Tank was uncertain. But four years later, the product has continued to rise in popularity and success. With its revolutionary formula that provides long lasting shine and hydration, it’s no wonder why so many beauty enthusiasts have gravitated towards this product.

Here are some unique features that help Thin Gloss stand out from its competitors:

  • Lightweight and non-greasy formula
  • Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish lips
  • Natural ingredients provide a pleasant scent
  • Easy application process with an applicator brush

Thin Gloss has become a fan favorite among the beauty community, offering high quality results at an affordable price. It is clear why consumers rely on this trusted brand for all of their lip care needs.

Where To Buy Thin Gloss

Thin Gloss had a successful Shark Tank appearance in 2023. After their presentation, the company quickly became an international sensation. The unique lip gloss formula was praised for its long-lasting color and light weight feel. Demand skyrocketed as people of all ages wanted to try the product.

The brand experienced tremendous growth, expanding to stores across the globe. They also launched an online store, making it even easier for customers to purchase Thin Gloss products. They also received endorsements from several celebrities who raved about the product’s performance and staying power.

Today, Thin Gloss is a household name and continues to be one of the top-selling lip gloss brands on the market. With a wide variety of shades available, there’s something for everyone looking for high quality cosmetics that won’t leave them disappointed. You can find Thin Gloss in major retailers such as Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Target, Walmart, and more.

Summary Of Thin Gloss’s Success

Thin Gloss had a successful run after its appearance on Shark Tank. The product became an instant hit with consumers and was quickly picked up by major retailers across the country. After just a few years, Thin Gloss was established as one of the leading beauty brands in the US:

Here are some highlights from Thin Gloss’s success:

  • The company has grown to include dozens of products in its line, including lip glosses, lip balms, and lip scrubs.
  • It has gained numerous celebrity endorsements from stars such as Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid.
  • Its products have been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Elle.
  • It has expanded its reach to other countries, becoming available in stores across Europe and Asia.
  • It has partnered with several charities to promote social good causes.

Thanks to its innovative products and strategic partnerships, Thin Gloss has become an industry leader in just a few short years since its appearance on Shark Tank. With continued success likely ahead, it looks like this brand will remain a top player in the beauty world for years to come.


In conclusion, Thin Gloss has been an undeniable success since appearing on Shark Tank. It has evolved from a small, local business to a well-known product with a strong presence in the beauty industry. Customers love the product for its quality and performance, and competition is steadily increasing as more companies launch similar products. With the help of the Sharks’ investments, Thin Gloss has gone from strength to strength and remains an excellent choice for customers who want an effective gloss product. I’m sure it will continue to grow and expand in the years ahead!