What Happened To TurboBaster After Shark Tank? TurboBaster Shark Tank Update 2022

TurboBaster Shark Tank Update

Marian Cruz appeared on Shark Tank for the 1st season of episode 3. She brought Turbobaster in, a battery-operated turkey baster that could be used for multiple tasks. Marian Cruz had come up with that idea five years earlier when she participated in Shark Tank and her business started at that time. Here is an update of the Turbobaster after Shark Tank .

Company Overview in Shark Tank

Company Name TurboBaster
Episode          Season1, Episode 3
Product Offering       Battery-operated alternative to the traditional bulb turkey baster
Founded 2009
Founder Marian Cruz
Required Investment $35,000 for 25%
Closing Deal $35,000 for 100%
Offered Sharks          Kevin Harrington
Current Business Status Out of business

What is TurboBaster?

A battery-powered kitchen tool from TurboBaster has successfully replaced traditional basting brushes and bulb basters. It includes a silicone baster plus nicer marinades containing.

This concept of the product is designed for kitchen appliances. Without the support of outside financiers, launching the business might be a struggle for Marian Cruz.

Hence, to raise capital for her new firm, she stepped into the Shark Tank. She kept a hope on hand that a Shark would find out real potential in her invention and provide connections and funds she currently lacked.

How Does TurboBaster Work?

The purpose of TurboBaster was to deduct levels of stress for women and men of all ages when cooking chicken, turkey, or any other meal.  Basting any chicken could be a time-consuming procedure since they easily dry out during the process of baking.

Who Founded TurboBaster? Founder Backgrounds

TurboBaster’s creator is Marian Cruz, who is a creative, intelligent, and skillful home chef. Five years before she entered Shark Tank, she had already developed her battery-powered prototype.

Marian Cruz decided to launch a fresh kitchen item to update the regular bulb baster, making every home chef’s life in the world simpler and more convenient.

TurboBaster Business Before Shark Tank

The product invention started when Marian Cruz basted the turkey with a basic bulb baster on a Thanksgiving dinner night.

She was too lazy to clean up a mess around from the liquid splatter that the baster caused.  She came up with the idea of the TurboBaster after experiencing how little use the traditional baster was.

She plans replacing marinade injectors, bulb basting, and brush basting with a single tool. Marian Cruz displays a video to the Sharks. It shows the TurboBaster injector tips and brushes to convey her product concept.

TurboBaster During Shark Tank Pitch

When done with introducing part, Marin Cruz got the Sharks’ attention by informing them she’s seeking $35,000 to stake 30 percent in her firm.

Through a good demonstration of the Turbobaster’s functions, her presentation runs into some troubles. That is because she doesn’t have any references to support her business-like working models, sales strategies, and the amount of spending to produce the product.

As Daymond says, “with the person the brand started.” Nonetheless, Marian Cruz is noticed by the Sharks since she looks kind and charming.

It is a great concept, says Robert Herjavec, who has a positive vibe on her invention. Marian Cruz has been working hard to create this appliance for five years, as she expects almost all professional chefs or cooking enthusiasts would appreciate the attendance of this kitchen appliance.

After Daymond John had raised a question to her about whether the injecting tips could become a temperature sensor, Daymond Herjavec jumps in to have a short joke on Daymmod John that he lacks experience in the kitchen.

Returning to the product itself, Barbara Corcoran doubts the cleaning process of the product. Then, Barbara Corcoran raises that question to Marian Cruz.

Marian Cruz responds that the baster is convenient to clean. Yet, she is not answering in a detailed way. However, when asking for more clarification about her argument, she admits that she only has a prototype.

The TurboBaster is just a theoretical action picture. Herjavec is shocked to discover that she hasn’t created a real product yet. When Corcoran saw the prototype, Kevin O’Leary wondered about the expected price range and asked about her view.

Marian Cruz reveals that there will be two kinds of basters will be sold. For a price of $19.99, she is offering a “fashion kitchen hues” baster, while a stainless steel version will cost approximately $29.99.

Upon Robert Herjavec’s question about product cost estimate, she is reluctant to provide a satisfactory response since she has not completed the adequate research or analysis yet.

Sharks are not delighted, but somehow she is the only one thinking out of such an amazing product concept like this. Nonetheless, Herjavec encourages Marian Cruz to prove to him why this product is in demand. Hence, he can base his conclusion other than Marian Cruz’s lovely personality.

In view of her requesting for $35k, Kevin O’Leary comes out to express concerns about whether she trusted its essence to show an investor the production expenses of her invention, particularly to potential investors.

She answers them with the truth that she is new in the business cycle. She admits she didn’t have such critical and technical skills to provide sufficient information to the Sharks’  questions.

A question about the sort of sales classic basters generate was asked by Herjavec. He did that to save Marian Cruz. Still, Marian Cruz doesn’t provide any response for him either. The Sharks then begin to debate what the sales would be like, till Herjavec asks for the reason they’re even assisting her.

She should fail to continue in this show when she appears in the program without well-prepared sales strategies, a simple prototype, and no useful information. The Sharks, except Kevin O’Leary, believe that goodwill is on the way.

Kevin O’Leary is the first one to consider not investing in this business. That is because Marian Cruz doesn’t exhibit her sales estimations and can’t imagine the profit from that product.

As she has no clue how much the production costs will be, Corcoran decides to quit investing. Even Herjavec is afraid of putting money into her business since he has no idea how the figures will turn out.

Kevin Harrington gains an opportunity to state out. He mentions how important television commerce channels would be for her product’s sales. He invests the $35k in exchange for holding control rights in a licensing arrangement. Then, he guarantees to reward her money as a royalty.

Kevin O’Leary urges her to embrace the agreement without hesitation, while Corcoran recommends pursuing the royalty. Additional to the royalty, Kevin Harrington promises to pay her 2 percent of sales proceeds. When she is ready to agree to the agreement, John enters the proceedings to present his idea.

Daymond John is willing to pay Marian Cruz  $40k and a 2% royalty on TurboBaster sales in exchange for a 51%  hold on her company. He tries to add that as long as she accepts his offer, she will own a collaborator who can produce her goods, as well as the opportunity to invest in other new creative ideas.

John does not realise the importance of Kevin Harrington’s claim even though he is an expert in selling kitchen items. Since John desires the agreement, he increases to $50,000 compared to his previous offer as a very last bid to win Marian Cruz over.

Marian Cruz considers those alternatives for a moment before actually accepting a deal from Kevin Harrington. She trusts that it is an incredible alternative for her item.

TurboBaster Closing Deal in Shark Tank

To conclude the show, Kevin Harrington invested $35K for 100% shareholdings and sales 2%.  Daymond announced $40K investing for a 51% ownership in the firm plus 2% royalty.

Marian Cruz finally picked Kevin Harrington because of his experience in kitchen equipment as well as his outstanding investment background. After that the Turbobaster was identified as a terrible passing example in Shark Tank history.

TurboBaster After Shark Tank

TurboBaster was acquired by Kevin as a deal-making between Marian Cruz and him after appearing on the program.

Even though there were praised and applauded judgments of that 3-in-1 innovation,  the pleasure moment was so short. Once they discovered that the device was just a prototype, those judgments were gone.

After the episode aired, TV Goods quickly passed the announcement. That announcement has loosened their face from that time. Moreover, nothing has occurred after that.

TurboBaster did not make much progress in the first six months after the partnership was formed. The product has not yet hit the market, the Facebook page and website of the company have been disabled.

Current Update: Is TurboBaster Still In Business?

The last showing of the TurboBaster was when the company of Kevin Harrington announced holding the TurboBaster’s rights to the TV.

The company’s Facebook page and website were immediately removed after there was no update in 2010.

A supermarket didn’t even get a chance to store them on the store shelves. It is obvious that the firm has gone out of business or hasn’t even begun at all. With that said, a prototype had been used only to build the attractive pitch.